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  1. Two lines from my original post..... - PVP Toggle on or off only in main cities can't do it in the open world <----listed because of the stupid crap people do in BDO with their flagging system I would prefer that over all would be to keep the pvp zones and allow people to flag in the non pvp zones for their own enjoyment.
  2. Giving a buff that is unobtainable for others down the road even if its minor is a bad idea. You never want to make a system that enhances gameplay for people just because they started early. The cosmetics should be more than sufficient for anyone who wants to flex their early start e-peen status. The only way I can kind of see this working is if titles give bonuses and we get a bonus but others can get the same bonus from a different title.
  3. Curious what people think of being able to toggle open world pvp on or off instead of it being tied to certain zones. Right now its proposed that pvp zones give more rewards to compensate for the increase risk. - PVP Toggle on or off only in main cities can't do it in the open world - Provides bonus drop rates everywhere instead of specific zones - No penalty for killing other flagged players - You can only group with people that have the same PvP status as you as to not allow for healing/buff abusing from non-flagged players or they're unable to buff/heal you. Just curious what others think of this system compared to other systems. Seems like a good middle ground to all the folks that want more pvp and all the folks who want no pvp at all or opt in only pvp. Some might say PvPers shouldn't get PvE buffs, but with the current proposed system you're going to be pvping weather you like it or not in high end zones it sounds like. I personally do not care if there is any bonus for being flagged for pvp I participate because its what I enjoy. I would prefer that over all would be to keep the pvp zones and allow people to flag in the non pvp zones for their own enjoyment.
  4. I'd like to see both pvp and pve gear be the same or similar enough you can switch to either type of content no matter how you geared up. The hard part will be balancing the acquisition of pvp gear to be simliar time sink to pve. The reward structure for pvp gear could be tough to balance though. You could make it quest based with objectives earning you gear, or currency used to buy gear from vendors. Then you have to decide what pvp activities actually provide the currency. If open world pvp then you need a system in place from people just farming eachother for it. As far as the value to the game I would think you'd see pvp players stick with a good game longer mostly due to pvp being dynamic content and pve being static and having to come out with new pve encounters and gear. For a lot of the pvp population pvp is the content and they don't need much else. Probably some bias there though.
  5. Some good suggestions here but your format will turn this into a mess down the road as people provide input. Should really limit it to 1 topic forum post for easier tracking I'd think. Especially if you have hopes of at least part of your suggestions ending up on the approved section.
  6. Im mostly into pvp and I don't disagree. Thats why I mentioned the flagging system. It may not be 50/50 on focus of the developers but folks who do prioritize pvp content as their main form of MMO content should not stop trying to grow and push for more of the content they enjoy even if others don't enjoy it especially at this stage in development. This is what is being done when you call something a PvE game and try to downplay and role that pvp could have in this game. This game is still very much a clean slate and could develop into many things. I'm not sure what game you're playing but I see that most MMOs have players doing PvE content even if they want pvp to be their focus, or PvE content is exponentially faster at gearing than the pvp content, so I'm curious which games you're using as a reference for this statement. I'm not sure what systems you're talking about that are currently in place that are forcing players to PvP for PvE resources ( I legit don't know link please I'm curious). That being said if obtaining some of the best resources are obtained by pvp control, it hardly sounds like a PvE game with pvp elements, sounds like quite the opposite to me. That being said I don't want people to be forced into pvp anymore than I want to be forced into pve more than I have to, they should be paths you choose to go down, not ones you're forced down. In the end we should always be fighting to make this game the most fun we can for ourselves. If its not fun whats the point.
  7. Yeah, too often now we see most classes are just all in one super self sufficient. I'd like to see them have less self healing/sustain in combat, but I'd like to see fast out of combat recovery be available.
  8. Warhammer Online had warrior priests and Disciples that were melee healers. Most will remember them for group heal spams that were OP but they had a spec that allowed them to do melee attacks that did splash healing and some descent single target heals as well( the game allowed you to have both a friendly and enemy target at the same time.) It did less damage than their DPS lines and less healing than their healing spec but it was a good middle ground and was pretty fun.
  9. I know its already confirmed there will be no full loot pvp but these comments are the same tired ones you see across every new game that comes out. Just because you don't like pvp as content does not mean other people don't enjoy it. You can call it ganking if you want to make it sound like someone is being victimized, but its no worse than dying to a lame PvE mechanic imo. It also does not mean we should not discuss pvp as both content and having the ability to have some sort of progression tied to it. Saying a game is a PvE game with PvP elements is a cop out to wanting pvp removed. If they've created a guild war system, world pvp, battlegrounds, and so on I find it hard to say it has elements of pvp. Its an MMO that has both PvE and PvP content and folks need to stop trying to have one side or the other removed from games that are clearly trying to support both. Saying "there are plenty of XXXX games out there don't try to turn thisgame into that," is a lazy argument we need to retire it does not add anything to the discussion by saying it. People wanting systems they enjoyed from other games added to a new game they're interested in is not a bad thing. We should discuss why it does or does not have a place in the game instead of just saying its been done somewhere else it doesn't need to be done here. Without knowing how gearing will be handled, I'd like to see a pvp flag on/off feature that allows for open world pvp. I'd like to see some kind of pvp currency coming from open world pvp. This allows open world pvp to happen for willing participants. I don't care for full loot systems and its not because I dislike losing my gear, it has more to do with gear not feeling valuable as its so disposable.
  10. From what I got from the system though is guild wars would allow you to openly kill players across the world more of as ganking and not so much in pursuit of territory control. Anything that isn't instanced would be hard to limit the number of participants without starting a secondary roster system that could limit people from participating that actually want to do so. I'd hate to be in a guild and never get to open pvp cause I didnt make the cut lol.
  11. I will always be an advocate of P2P as being the best model for an MMO. If you're selling me stash/buffs/char slots it just means you're charging me for something that costs no real development to implement and affects every character. Removing basic features from a game and selling them back to the player will eventually leave people feeling nickel and dimed to death. This is essentially what BDO did. They monetized every base MMO system they could, and the ones they couldn't monetize such as crafting they made restricted by bag space or weight limits which were monetized. Comsetic only shop I do not think will sustain them, right now graphic design is already what is holding them back, are they going to be able to pump out enough new/good assets to keep people coming back? I doubt it. I'd love to see them sell content like quest lines that unlock appearances. titles, cosmetics, and lore. As far as a premium membership the only one that comes to mind that I see people like and use is one similar to fortnites. Basically you pay for a month of cosmetic "login" rewards. Not great but its not p2w, and you only have to provide a few things out of the bunch that folks will want and they consider the rest fluff that fills out the monthly cost.
  12. You should have given an option for "Other" Since I really don't know how looting/gearing is going to work in the game right now I can't vote for having a full loot or loot destruction system like AO. If its closer to AO where gear is pretty disposable then sure its not awful. I wouldn't mind them just dying and teleporting back either a "Bind point" or the nearest city and possibly having a short debuff that reduces pvp combat effectiveness.
  13. With guild wars/castles being a thing they really need to limit the size of guilds. The argument that multiple guilds can rally against a guild to offset this rarely happens and even if it does happen it only stops them for the week. You'll see them back at it again immediately the next day or week. I can't say a hard number on what the limit is because thats kind of based on other systems I don't know about yet but I could pretty safely say that 100 account cap per guild is more than reasonable and even then I'd say half that is still more than acceptable. Some may also that they will just go around the system and ally with multiple sister guilds, and that is true. Rarely do these beta guilds stick around for too long though, they either get ambitious and go after the big guild, go off on their own, or die from not carrying enough either way.
  14. Nachtdrache


    Split stealth into two types imo. Permanent stealth or long duration stealth would only work from a distance. They should be able to see the rogue before they get within attack range of the rogue. You could also make it so mobs don't see them at all for this in PvE. Short term stealth/invisibility that is more of an incombat only type mechanic or effect from their skills used more for confusion or escaping compared to giving assassins the opener every single time. Similar to how warhammer or blade and soul handled stealth.
  15. Locking skills behind content is kind of annoying in an action based game. Their combat system didn't look like it was robust enough to really hold back too many abilities without making it very boring while you wait to unlock it unless these are obtainable while leveling and even then why bother having it locked behind leveling an achievements. Having maybe a major class skill locked behind an achievement or special quest would be alright I guess. Now locking passive effects that enhance skills behind achievements, quests, or scrolls wouldn't be as bad. Only downside is depending how the game is designed this may force you to do content you don't want to for these. So maybe give a PvE and a PvE option to unlock them?
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