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  1. I see, thank you both for telling me this -Slaughter the Rogue One-Trick
  2. I really think that the Oath should give a Founder item for actually joining the game when it first started. (Which doesn't cost any amount of money) This item should only be allowed on one account and can't be farmed by making different accounts and transporting it to one single account. - Slaughter the Rogue One-Trick
  3. I was wondering what you would think about some events that would happen in Oath? Some ideas that I thought about were events based on the Halloween, Independence, etc. (Some of the rewards of Halloween could be like a zombie costume, or a costume based on one of the mobs in the game.., And for independence day the game would give the person some sort of hat after doing a quest of killing some mobs..) I just wanted some help on other events you guys could come up with. -Slaughter the Rogue One-Trick
  4. Oh I see what you mean, maybe they can make it that it will be only given to one account - Slaughter The Rogue One-Trick
  5. What I mean by this is that should people get some sort of cosmetic that gives the person (whichever class) some sort of buffs? I got this idea from another game I played and found that it was pretty cool, maybe we can call this item Founders Helm, this item could give some bonus stats such like +10 Dmg, or/and +10 Defense .I wanted to talk about this cause I wanted other peoples opinion if this should be added or changed. - Slaughter The Rogue One-Trick
  6. Dang it I was trying to get that name then u took it -.- Im also trying to be a rogue 1-trick Can't wait to see u on the battlefield! ;-;
  7. Slaughter


    I think that the rogue should be a someone who should deal damage if you back-stab them, what I mean by this is that if the rogue hits a person form behind he/she will deal more damage than a regular auto-attack
  8. Imma be a rogue on trick, imma nuke them before they even deal any damage to me!
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