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  1. I would love seeing Flying mounts but it does ruin some parts of the game so I don't want them to be added
  2. Shane

    Lie to me.

    #3 ? So you are above 25 and I don't think you would be scared of walking in the dark 😄 and I'm sure you had a gf at some point 1# I watch the H3 Podcast every time 2# I watch Game of Thrones 3# Politics is my worst subject
  3. Perry? Guess mine who is behind Shrek?
  4. Shane

    Lie to me.

    You are suppose to guess it randomly. It's the 2nd one
  5. Shane

    Lie to me.

    Lie to me. How to play You post 3 things about yourself and the next Person has to guess what the Lie is. Il start I play CSGO. I watch a lot of Anime. I rarely play MMO games.
  6. Pikachu? Who on earth is this?
  7. Guess that Picture! How to play 1. Guess the picture that the person above you posted 2. Take a picture and edit it so you can barely recognize it(Make sure it's a well-known picture) 3.Post it 4.Repeat 😄 Il start off with... (easy af)
  8. It would be nice if you guys could add Forum Signatures that you add to your Profile and then shows up under every Post. Lots of forums have this so I think it would be nice to have it here too 😄
  9. The map looks really exciting Can't wait to play this with my friends
  10. Shane

    Mage Hype! (1st mage btw)

    Ah yes Lime has returned to yet another game
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