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  1. Metimaxi

    Mage Hopes?

    An average British Day sounds great ❤️
  2. Metimaxi


    This. Make it more like an actual stealth/camouflage, and not outright invisibility
  3. Yes 😄 And i love games where you actually have to aim your heals. For example i loved healing in Tera and RaiderZ. And in Overwatch i also prefer Ana the most (I mean... a sniper who heals with her shots. How amazing is that?) I also played Discipline Priest in WoW but the focus there was just a lot on Micromanaging your Shields and Atonements, while also weaving in some attacks. While fun, and again a really unconventional support play style, it was just tab targeting and utlizing your add-ons to the best. Really looking forward to see how Oath healing will turn out.
  4. Hello Everyone 😄 As my name might suggest - I'm Max I mostly play support/utility classes in other games. But i also like unconventional classes/Archetypes (For Example the Knight Enchanter in DA:I [Used Spectral Weapons, Barriers, Heals, Revives], the Shaman in Metin 2[Used Dual Fans as Weapons], Insect Glaive [MHW], ...) Really looking forward to Oath, since i like the gameplay they showcased so far. EDIT: I forgot to mention that I'm from EU and therefor will most likely play there.
  5. 1. : Unless you got a lot of time you probably won't be able to focus on all gathering and crafting professions, maybe even the game limits you. So you are at least forced to trade somewhat by this alone. Regarding PvP: You won't be alone unless you play 1v1. Every other mode will probably focus on team/duo-play. (And honestly... do you really wanna go 1v1 without cc?) And Guild Content... well... you can make your own guild and don't invite anyone but you won't have much fun with it. Boss Fights in Raids/Dungeons/Open World: Should absolutely not be soloable unless you are way ahead (level and equipment-wise) But since you have active dodging and somewhat active aim, you should rewards players with a lot of skill and make somewhat harder content soloable. If they really hit a lot and dodge everything they can, they should be able to do it. I don't think it would be cool if you are going on a great adventure to save the world and can't even solo a Bear, even if you dodge all his attacks. 2. : Just Rewatched the VIdeo. And yes: Maybe that skill always has the knockback effect, but when an enemy is in X Range you mack that far backflip. So it only get's really effective if you actualyl are in a tough spot.
  6. Metimaxi

    Summoner Hopes?

    Already posted this in another thread: I hope they start out summoning simple spirits then later branching of into: - Necromancer (Summoning the Dead, Bone Spears, Ghosts, Skeletons, Graves, Dirt,...) -> More of a pure DPS - Natural Summoner (Beasts, Plants, Entangles,...) -> DPS with a lot of utlility - Spiritualist/ Fusioner (Summons Stronger Spirits, Imbuing allies with them, Fusing yourself with them gaining new skillsets depending on spirit, ...) -> DPS/Support/Utility
  7. I hope it starts out with a summoner who summons some simple spirits, later branching of into: - Imbuing Dead with those Spirits, going into a necromancer direction. - Summoning Elemental Spirits, if mage doesn't get that, or Nature Spirits (Plants, Beasts,...) - Just summoning Stronger Spirit forms, maybe even imbuing allies with them or Actually Fusioning with them to turn into something different/stronger yourself.
  8. Metimaxi

    Mage Hopes?

    I really hope they offer a classic Elementalist, but not branching off into each Element individually. Just one path that gets all the elemental AoE stuff. Maybe Start out with a standart Arcane Mage, who can then tap into further sources of power (Elements, Dark, Blood,...) or focus on his arcane skills. What might be cool would be an Arcane Mage that Attacks with spectral Weapons, Arcane Traps/Mind Traps, Arcane Armor/Shields. So basically a warrior but with more magic tricks and less brute force. Or an Illusionist. Attacking the mind of enemies, confusing them or causing them to flee. Applying a lot of CC and Debuff, but only single target. unlike an elementalist who can probably slow or freeze groups of enemies. Or something like a Force Brawler. Attacking the enemy with Heavy Punches and Kicks, infused with Arcane/Elemental Magic. Maybe switching between a Fire/Water/Nature/Arcane/... - Stance Or a Bloodmage that loses his Mana Bar but gains X Max HP for Y Mana he has, casting speels with Life, Some Draining Life, some causing sickness to enemies or weakening them. Maybe even controlling weak enemies/adds with bloodstrings/.... They could also have some cool on Death/rebirth effects. Maybe turning into some sort of Blood-Golem/Avatar on Death, Reviving on a Small Amount of Health if they dealt enough damage/sucked enough life in that form. Or ... TL:DR : I really hope they make one melee option for mage and go some unconventional ways too.
  9. Metimaxi

    Rogue Hopes

    Since Oath seems more about actual dodging than Evasion stats on items, I'd hope for them to get more dodges/further dodges. And maybe some blinks in and out of a fight/stealth. And combined with that i hope they get a lot of DoT-Effects and Soft-CC: - Poison - Sickness - Bleed - Cripple - Tripple - Slow ...
  10. Metimaxi

    Priest Hopes?

    I hope they also add a damage priest. After all it says Priest, not healer. It could damage enemies with light/ holy fire. Provide more offensive instead of defensive buffs. And maybe some combined effect (like consecrating an area, causing dmg to enemies/ buffing allies for a short time). It would be a niche that deals damage but also buffs your allies with short term effects. Edit: And i REALLY REALLY hope, that for priest you will also have to actively aim most of your skills. Some action combat games unfortunately then turn their healers into tab target healers.
  11. Metimaxi

    Healer Main here

    Joining the Club 😄 Support or Utility in most Games i play.
  12. Adressing 1: I think every class should get around somewhat on their own, unless we are talking about boss/dungeon/really rare monsters Adressing 2: I would also say CC can be really problematic. But their should be at least a liittle hope if they get into melee. If Fighters get a Charge for Example, or Rogues get Stealth and pop up next to them, they should have at least a small answer to get out of there. Like a Roll back or an Additional Dodge, but again both on a high CD.
  13. I would agree to carrying arrows, if other classes have to carry materials too. Like for example Runes for Mage, Herbs for Priest, Poisons for Rogue, Weapon Oil for Fighters,...
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