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  1. Bro look at aion. WoW classic has THE WORST ranger class in History of mmorpgs. If anyone comes close 2 ranger use trap and fuck off or USE RANGER SPELLS IN MELEE RANGE. BTW wow classsic worst pvp worst pve worst interesting lvling system so dont talk about that shitty game with good lore same look at aion. only melee skill there should be is maybe kick 2 stun target for 1 sec or 2 knock back target for 1 sec so u can stop the combo and thats it. But this " If any other melee-based character catches an archer off-guard, they should not be able to go toe-to-toe with them at all." Bro so if assasin jumps u u dead ? if support stun adn come close range u ded ? Archers use bow 2 hit targets at any range melee or not.
  2. This will be action combat so i think u will have a roll back doge skill on like 5 sec cld or smth with some "doge" bar (just like hp bar just for doge skill xD) so simple stun of knock back or root would give u more then enough time to roll back and give u a chance to escape if u are good, but yea we need 2 w8 for game to drop 😄
  3. Me personally dont like when rangers have melee attacks and i dont like idea of rangers having second melee weapon for those skills. One simple skill as shown in promo video or like 3 of them that gives u distance or short cc so u can reposition would be nice and thats all
  4. I know it aion is tab target offers animation canceling and slide shots, jump shots and i agree the game play will be slower then Aions, but the concept of burst ranger like in this video is something i would like to see in this game...
  5. Aska


    Its easy make 2 types of stealth, passive that can be on scouts ( rangers, assassins, maybe mage if they are going ice idk) that where ppl can see u if they are to close to you, or make a short cld spell for tanks and healers and mages that can reveal them, and make a combat stealth that last for like min or smth, where u can go and take intel on enemy guild or positions or just kill for fun... but make a spell with long cld like 1 min or 2 that can reveal combat stealth units and for like 10 sec in 30m around you and give it 2 tanks, healers and scouts so they can use it 2 keep them safe...
  6. This is how i imagine rangers something like this, Aion had sigma system, where u could chose form Kite just run around lots of dps small Cd on spells, dot with traps and tones of cc, or Burst with decent CD and buffs as u can see in video
  7. THIS IS THE S**T, I RLY LIKE THIS GOOD BLESS U MY MAN !!!! One think that i would add is that number 3. my fav has 2 have some hard CC for any chance of survival But once more man GOD BLESS YOU
  8. I like the pet idea and i like sustained DPS while moving around and with no animation timer, but what rly makes me play Ranger is Aion BURST ranger build where you could jump form anywhere and burst the shit out of healers and mages, assassins. It would be awesome if we could chose form 3 types of rangers: Pet (dont wonna talk about it never liked it) , Kite sustained DPS and Burst... and that we can swap them when needed. Ty
  9. I agree with DEEZL, pls dont make us carry arrows, if other players RLY RLY want special arrows make enchantment or something that u can equip on ur bow and BUM poison or DOT dmg, plus this enchantment idea u can u on other types of weapons JUST PLS DONT MAKE US CARRY ARROWS 😄 ❤️
  10. The MMO that i find that understood rangers for me was Aion (uber pay to win) but in that game u felt powerful, u could be the stealthy quick with bow no animation person, but as well u could be more like mage with huge bursts with your bow, i have been looking for MMO that has good rangers and that is fun to play, also i think that Tera did a quite a good job with Ranger, the abilities that do more dmg if u hit them from behind or on the ground, that makes you think how you chain you abilities, and when u learn it you just feel aweosome. I dont know what direction will you take for Ranger but pls dont make it only with pet and stealty jumpy give us choice form couple of builds, Burst, kite, pet,...
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