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  1. If you're from runescape then you are welcome here. Post stat pics, bank pics, personal achievements etc. ❤️
  2. he had a great adventure, however, grew older and older. Now this great adventurer is chillin with his dentures
  3. Stale

    Rhyme with me <3

    I'll start: My name is stale and me dog eats kale.
  4. Test your literary skills by rhyming a word or a phrase with the previous comment. Good Rhymers: Person 1: Goat Person 2: Boat Person 3: Note Bad Rhymers Person 1: Slice Person 2: Dice Person 3: Pizza Have fun kiddlywinks
  5. Stale


    wagwan hemoglobin
  6. Hi I'm stale. I like to program and post introductions on forum
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