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  1. TITAN

    Mac OS?

    You will be able to play Oath on the Mac OS, yes
  2. What’s does this screenshot have to do with pvp toggling
  3. Nvm lol, stop flexing the fact you needed to talk about being banned
  4. Then please explain how tf your banned
  5. It means, odds are, the devs don’t think you guys matter much, have y’all even see the latest previews?
  6. Yeah, you definitely have a better idea about the game then me, seeing as you aren’t allowed on the discord
  7. Bruh this ain’t a pvp game, go find something else
  8. I’m pretty sure monarchies are just going to be realms to have a 3 way conflict, but if not it might be cool to have something like I heard Asheron’s Call having with their allegiance system
  9. Personally I’d rather have zones
  10. That’s fair, and I don’t think I’d expect a different opinion by an ancap
  11. I meant it as a tax on the ingame currency
  12. Well how would you make sure, what if the guild needs armor fast cause there being attacked in a few hours, how will the game know wether he’s buying that for his guild or himself
  13. I’m just against fast travel in genera and that’s what I see flying mounts as
  14. I’m so happy it’s getting a season two
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