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  1. No such thing. Also weebs are on par with furries and people who applaud at the end of movies.
  2. There is a higher abundance of crafting materials in pvp zones. Probably also rarer ones. Nothing that’s not obtainable in non-pvp areas but the ease of getting more mats should incentivize it.
  3. Wow who knew traveling at a different height affected games so profoundly.
  4. They have said there won’t be open world pvp, so sorry to burst your bubble. Maybe someone will be dumb enough to afk/craft in one of the pvp areas though, so chin up - you might be able to still kill something. 👍🏼
  5. Holy shit this guy lives on Dark Souls he must be an absolute baller of a gamer! Good job, you. We may be strangers but I’m still proud of you. I will tell my children about your insanely high tier skill. I shall look on with the rest of the mortals when the game is released and worship all your many accomplishments. Bless you.🙏🏻
  6. Not sure what kind of response you want to that considering the game isn’t even finished and no one has played it, but Stephen has said it shouldn’t take 2 months to level up but shouldn’t take 2 days either. Considering there won’t be p2w and it’s F2P...of course you can?
  7. GW2 mounts in general are super fun, so yeah I agree. But of course one would hope the mounts would feel good regardless of if they’re ground or flying ones.
  8. I’ve never really understood why there is a need to limit fast transportation in MMOs. Like if taking a teleport or a flying mount ruins any experience for you it’s honestly as simple not doing it. Get on your pretty, slow horse and ride around to your heart’s desire. Talk to all the people, enjoy the environments. How does having those options available for you to not use ruin anything? Not everyone wants the same thing though. Maybe someone got their human interaction in by spending hours in a raid or pvping in a group and want to do X,Y, and Z before they have to log off and aren’t interested in meeting new people or taking in the flowers on the way to the City. Maybe they’d enjoy a relaxing flight through the same environment but that also cuts down their travel time by half. So basically, no I wouldn’t mind there being flying mounts. Being forced to trot slowly through a region isn’t going to make someone pay attention to it if they’re not interested in doing so. Oh and as far as pvp goes I think mounts should be disabled.
  9. Hmmm LOTRO, GW2, BDO, SWL, SWTOR, Tera, Wildstar, ESO, MS2....breath...have tried out but didn’t last long on Neverwinter, B&S, Aion, AA and probably more that I’m forgetting.
  10. DM? Too much work. Here you go, friend! https://www.adventureacademy.com/ @Snowflakex
  11. Cynical

    Priest Hopes?

    I hope the healing feels impactful, flow well, and the different specs are all useful. Whether it’s through different builds or stances, I think being able to choose between dps (for leveling), pure healing, or buffs would be fun. Or possibly some sort of combo heals that aren’t insta-cast but have to be built up to in order to hit big numbers so that you have to pay attention and plan ahead.
  12. I’m looking forward to good combat and fun healing (something I haven’t felt since LOTRO). And hopefully a good, smallish guild that enjoys small group pvp instead of mindless zergs. Of course there are plenty of things to look forward to but those are the main ones for me.
  13. Hello! I’m the one on Discord who lurks most of the time but is always around to sprinkle in the sarcasm. Usually when the 5000th person that day asks if they can download the game. Will be looking for a small group-oriented guild with a focus on pvp...and some pve, I guess. Looking forward to fighting with or against you all one day. 🙏🏻
  14. GW2, Paladins...the odd new game or beta like Kurtzpel and Mavericks.
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