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  1. Seems too fluffy for my liking, but I can see the appeal. However, I would enjoy seeing a beast-like, hairier, animal-like race! It would be really neat to see that being implemented and see what the devs can come up with. ❀️
  2. Tiff

    Summoner hype!

    This may severely hinder my thoughts on being a Priest once more information comes out. I'd love to summon pets in combat. Reminds me of FFVIII and I love it lol.
  3. +1 for me. Yes please!
  4. I'm not too sure how I feel about this. I would only support it should I know how the game developers planned to implement it. I wouldn't want anything added that ruins the fun or gives an absurd advantage. However, I doubt an advantage would be given aside from a speed boost, maybe?
  5. How neat! Almost makes me wish I were a streamer... Almost. πŸ˜‰ I like that there isn't favoritism and you won't be getting access to tiers you haven't purchased. Super excited to see who wants to do this, because I'll for sure watch them!
  6. Tiff


    It's a nice thought, however, in-game purchases for cosmetics seems to be unavoidable. 😢
  7. Yaaas. So, I'm guessing you are a healer as well? Or, should I say, priest? 😜 It's a pleasure to e-meet you, Bro! I'm just sad I wasn't aware of the forums going up this morning, for a good hour or two after it went up or I would have totally been one of the first ones to sign up. But... I'll just sit and pout, and be happy my number starts at least starts with a 2 lol. It's such a dumb thing to notice, but dangit - I do lol. 🀣
  8. Tiff


    😏 Personally, I'd love to see this:
  9. Hey! Thanks for the follow 😊

    1. Tiff


      Thank you for accepting! ☺️

  10. First of all, thank you for your service! It's a pleasure to e-meet you. You've always been very kind in the Discord. 😊 Yay for getting back into PC gaming!
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