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  1. reaper

    Mage Hopes?

    I would be all for the ability to switch your mastery in safe zones or with some sort of cool down unlike GW2 where you constantly switch between elements. I just don't like the concept of constantly switching elemental magic. Another idea would be allowing for some sort of combination magic where you can choose two elements and have basic skills for each then combo skills.
  2. I believe it would be two bracelets since they say brazaletes that I assume would probably have some sort of a magic stone or something on them to direct magic.
  3. Mine is probably a tie between Tokyo Ghoul first two seasons before re, and Hunter x Hunter. I'm not like a lot of people that hated TG re but it definitely doesn't compare to the first two seasons.
  4. I think a good looking cosmetic would be a sort of cloak for mages, could have a black or white cloak with the option of hood/facemask to toggle on and off for a mysterious look and then could add some sort of art like snowflakes or iced top mountains for an example of one for an icemage/cryomancer. Something like this but using some ice-covered mountains instead of flames and adding a hood and facemask to it would create a really cool look I think.
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