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  1. Tuoni

    Summoner Hopes?

    Summoner having a pet(s) is quite traditional approach (and there is nothing wrong with that). However, maybe there could also have a chance to call a temporary creature, which is a more like a spell rather than pet... Meaning, maybe you can for exanple summon a dragon, which flies one or few times over the battleground and burns the targeted area. Or maybe some of the summons will posses the summoner and player can that way control the summoned creature. There can be variations between permanent and temporary posses.
  2. Hi everybody! My name is Tuoni and I am a long-term MMORPG player. I have a good amount of experience of testing games and working in startup companies. Oath looks a very promising project and I am a really impressed of the art style of this game. I hope I can help somehow the Ready-Up Studios with their early development.
  3. I personally like the art style, it is really appealing.
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