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  1. I think I would still rather see a $5 sub fee rather than non stop cosmetics, or charging for things that should be just in the game. But obviously cosmetic shops bring in a lot more money from whales.
  2. krumpits


    I dont know if you need a specific class just to use a scimitar or a glaive/polearm, I imagine just having those style of weapons in the game would be fine.
  3. I would love if we had PVP toggle AND the pvp zones. People who arent toggled on can go and open pvp in the zones, and the people who are toggled on can go to the zones when they want, and also just have fights in the open world. It makes the game more fun, and if you dont like open pvp then just dont toggle it on. ALSO if its faction pvp you get to have rivalries which are always fun, but if its factionless then it means I get to just try to kill everyone, which is also very fun.
  4. I don't know how many WoW refugees are floating around here, but I am! Played wow from vanilla to bfa, and now i'm on the hunt for a new mmo. Ive played gw2, eso and a few other random ones, but none that really grabbed me and didn't let go. BUT! I'm hopeful oath can do that!
  5. krumpits

    Rogue Hopes

    As long as there is a HEAVY poison/toxin based rogue subclass I will be happy, I want poison that i can chuck on the ground for AoE, DoTs, slows, debuffs galore.
  6. krumpits


    I think it should 100% have stealth, and I think it should be done similar to how old WoW did it. You have a decently high detection of a stealthed rogue when they're just about to get into melee with you. This caused a sort of dance in pvp, where you are constantly trying to catch a glimpse of the rogue to pop them, while they have to keep moving around you trying to find an opening. It was incredibly fun in pvp and made both playing a rogue and fighting against them quite fun.
  7. krumpits

    Warrior Hopes

    I think it should be its own class really, but a crusdaer/paladin warrior type would be really awesome. As well as I think an elemental warrior would be quite unique, kinda like a primal barbarian that channels an element in combat, ice being cc heavy, fire being dmg heavy etc.
  8. I would imagine that a ranger's pet would be a single animal friend, while a summoner would have multiple pets that do multiple things that they could have a few up at the same time. Both would still have pets, but visually and mechanically should be quite different.
  9. I actually like the idea of carrying arrows, because then it opens up the possibility of having "special" arrows. Maybe these arrows slow on hit, or these ones have a fire DoT that they apply, etc. I don't know how big inventory is going to be in this game though, but idk if I would want them to give up a whole bag slot just to play their class. Though back then rogues had to also buy their own poisons which I also thought was kinda fun.
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