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  1. a few months ago the studio has closed it's gates with a statement assuring the game is still in development. but now it seems like you don't even remember that you had a discord server. No shady contracts and no unreasonable law suits are holding people back but your silence and lack of transperency resulting in a mass exodus from the game. it got to a point where this forum became an open market for stolen passports. A forum that supposed to have SOME degree of moderation. people would respect you more if you will just post a video stating " we failed to create oath due to our inability to manage anything" and not whathever you are doing right now. So I am reminding you that you were able to raise 116000$ and created a community of 2000 active members in discord . at least try to appear like a team that did such.
  2. Just as the headline says. let's make a game of chess game rules : make legal moves only don't switch colour only the first comment for a move will be valid write your colour on your first comment here en passant is possible white makes the first move please don't offer draws or forfeit the game Note guide : K = King Q = Queen R = Rook B = Bishop N = Knight A pawn is noted using the squere it moves to ( for example d4) unless you need to specify the pawn current square ( If 2 pawns attack the same piece you will need to note the moving pawn's square : c6xd7) capture : x check : + castle : O-O \ O-O-O promote : = Q\R\B\N mate : # list of players : God (SnowWhite) Moves : 1.d4...
  3. The end Kappa... now seriously : To venture to the unknown
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