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  1. This is from 6 months ago.
  2. If I had to argue that, I'd say because it's a PvE game.. On the other hand, I'm the one saying that the same rewards should be available to both PvE/PvP. Here's a quote from myself just a few posts up! You must have missed that entire post, nice! 😜
  3. Because not everybody wants to PvP in an MMORPG. Why should that lock people out of rewards? Also, if PvE players could buy PvP Rewards via Market/Trading, that would mean players being able to earn the same things in different places. @Pluto "toggle PvP is dead PvP" - That would mean nobody wants to do it, and in that case, why would you ever try and force something on players?
  4. I would 100% prefer the option to toggle PvP. If there *are* PvP zones, the same rewards should be possible to earn outside of PvP zones. PvE and PvP players should have access to the same things other than Titles/Ranks maybe. There's no fun in forcing PvP.
  5. xDOPEx

    Mage Hopes?

    It'd be pretty dope to have a close quarters build. Lots of AoE based on your own position, effecting the area in a radius around yourself. Almost like casting from yourself instead of through a Staff. Maybe a get in, burst and get out kind of deal, or just standing in the action like a Warrior. I can imagine teleporting into a group of mobs, freezing them and hitting the group with a pulse type AoE that either pulses faster or stronger the longer it's active. A Buff Mage would be cool, granting teammates Elemental/Magic boosts to their damage and granting Sheilds.
  6. xDOPEx

    Rogue Hopes

    Might be an unpopular opinion, but I'm strongly hoping against any kind of invisibility. I played an MMO and facing invisible Rogues was more annoying than fun. I then switched to said Rogue class and felt cheap for running around invisible. The stealth mechanic always seems to be a balancing nightmare. So I'm hoping for high single target damage and maybe some DoT. Keragi also mentioned a Life Leech weapon, I think that'd be a good fit, especially combined with DoT. An escape mechanic other than invisibility would be a great utility.
  7. xDOPEx

    Priest Hopes?

    Options are always nice to fit personal play styles. AoE Heals/Proximity Heals are fun to me, like Phoenix in Dirty Bomb. I don't have a whole lot of Healing EXP but I'm planning on going all in on it for Oath. I'd like to get into some Buff/Debuff/Shield work also. I'd also rather have CC than DPS. Anyway it goes, I'm excited for this game.
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