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  1. I appreciate it EmberMage, I think it's because it's a game that we should be able to express ourselves accordingly. Hope to see you in game as well.
  2. I hear where you are coming from and the concern , but you speak as if OATh Devs don't have the capability of making multiple quality classes.8 classes would be ideal actually to start for the games launch maybe, but to leave it at that would be quite sad. I think the Devs will do a good job. I'm all for quality as well but I wont put it by them to actually blow our minds with the character classes that can come out (and sub classes). Consider DFO- over 10 classes each with 4 plus sub classes.
  3. I was recently watching an anime and a particular scene stood out to me. The scene is about 4 minutes long but if watched you'll understand why I am making sure a reference. The anime is based on an mmo game and those ones speaking are discussing the need for "content and "reason to play" otherwise people will find something else to do. I will post the link in hopes that what I post is worth watching. I think we all can agree that with proper research a worthwhile solution can then be made. I'd also like to think the DEVs are eager to consider the thoughts and suggestions from the players as they make the game. Again, Watch the 1st 4 minutes and grasp the concept. I am not saying take everything from it but understand there should be a purpose in everything.
  4. Conserns and Considerations Subscriptions: Though I believe many will disagree with this idea I believe there should be a subscription even if it's just 5-10 a month. I believe this would not only help for future content but would also ease the temptation to make this game a play to win. Dispite what the Devs say (and I hate to compare) video games need proper support and without it every game becomes play to win. With no finacnial stress it giives the Devs peace and freedom to create content and further the longevity of the game. You are already getting the funds from teh players, I dont think any of us would mind a monthly subscription. WOW players understand this well. Mobs and Hob Gob'lins Let's be real no one is ever happy with any state of any game, we always want more and then more on top of that. But longevity is the key here. Players become "brain dead" when they can beat a dungeon, raid or even the basic of mobs (outside the learning quest that come at the beginning of the game) to easilly. MAKE THE GAME HARD! This is where games such as BDO, TERA, DRAGON NEST,Blade and SOUL have failed (IMO) it had no reason to party up and we all know community is everything for many players. Give us a reason to party up, give us a reason to grind and search for rare material to enhance gear. Make monster immune to attacks and abilities. If winning takes no effort then there will be no sense of fulfillment when victory is obtained. Even in defeat I believe "character of the player" can be developed. Don't give in to the whining of individuals who had it easy their who life! Treat us like Spartans! Character Classes: The more the better I say (Sub classes and more)! But what would be the point of all these classes if you have a cleric that can do as much damge as a Swordsman (DPS class). Let there be pros and cons to the classes we play. Dont make it to where a Tank can heal himself to a point there would be no need for a healer in the party. Again this would bring about a sense of community and communication of the player base (needed for Longevity of a game). Gamers play classes that they can relate to and have a desire to relate to but if you can do the same thing on all classes whats the point.... PVP: "Nothing like a good fight"! What is the one thing that can always change without an update? PLAYERS! 2 people can have a conversation about teh same topic many times but not quote every sentence exactly as they did when they first spoke on the topic.....what I mean to say is that PVP is needed (open world, Arena, GvG, events and then some) This is the only thing that would not need an update per say because we are our own update, we are always evolving finding new ways to play and win. We are the Boss at the end of the dungeon to beat, We are reason players have a desire to log in for the day.... Final Thoughts on this thus far: I am excited for this game, but I believe everything should mean something down to the conversations we have with NPC's. Give us a reason to log into the game for years to come and be open and honest with what you all are trying to do. This is a relationship between Dev's and Players and trust me the Players have recieved the negetive end of many failed relationships with companies. Dont make a game that you won't support 3 years down the line. Make this game the "Golden Egg". I hate to Use anime as references but the reason they Video Game Anime related shows were sp popular is because it's what gamers want (not VR) yet we dont have. Watch Sword art online, Log Horizon, etc. These thoughts are my own and I understand everyone may not feel this way but I hope it helps the Devs create content worth playing.
  5. Name: Corinthius_Prime (aka Meijinn_Nil) Class- Warrior (tank) Discord- Corinthius_Prime#1783 With a history of gaming I am looking forward to what OATH has to offer. I am also eager to unite and meet like minded plyers who are wiling and ready to take advantage of all the things the game has to offer. I have a motto "Real Life First", that means before any game make sure you have Peace in life. Hit me up if you'd like to join me in this game or in general. This link was a little something made when I played BDO as well as for those who were with me. We don't RP but we always like to carry our self in a manner that may seem that way. Creating Bonds that surpass any game I've established (with the help of comrades and friends alike) a small community thus far worth being a part of.
  6. THE FOLLY OF LIMITED CLASS/SUBCLASSES The information discussed in this specific topic is based on what I have experienced as a gamer and what many can relate to . If considered by the Devs I believe OATH will avoid falling in the same whole (making the same mistake) other companies have before.   Short Version- Limiting the amount of classes/subclasses to choose from will bring a sense of dullness to a game. The "replayablity" (may have made that word up) of a game can quickly be increased in a positive manner if each Class presented a new way to play the same story. Take the story of the "Three Little Bears" (told from the point of the bears) as one way to playa game; Then tell the same story from the view point of Goldie Locks as another "way of playing the game" and you will see two very different experiences though the same story has been told. In contrast, if OATH presented such a uniqueness within the character class system (which will take time, effort and a ton of research) then I personally believe the game will pay for itself. Gaming companies have only begin to scratch the surface of what giving options can do for a game. The more to choice from the more personable a class is to the gamer/player using it. With that being said consider the examples: "Player will have the ability to select from a series of subclasses in the game based on the main class they picked from the start".       Warrior-------------------------------------Duelist -------------------------------------Defender -------------------------------------Monk -------------------------------------Guardian -------------------------------------Fighter   I believe the more that is presented come launch day the more space and time the Devs have given themselves to further develop the game; Why? Because we now have options.       Anyway these are my thoughts, feel free to pm me if need be (anyone). I have many more thoughts about the game. Be Blessed. (IT WOULD BE NICE TO GET FELLOW GAMERS ON THE SAME PAGE, LIKE THE COMMENT, SHARE IT AS WELL. IT'S ONE THING FOR A SINGLE INDIVIDUAL TO SPEAK ON A TOPIC BUT THEY WILL ONLY LISTEN IF WE UNITE UNDER OUR REQUEST.) Discord Name- Corinthius_Prime#1783
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