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  1. You’re right. I was thinking along the lines of harder content or maybe after finishing a line of meaning quests (take Norn, Vanguard, Asuran questlines from GW1 Eye of the North)
  2. itskitto


    I like the idea of alchemy being its own crafting line. Being able to craft potions and maybe obtain passive abilities to increase effectiveness of potions / reduce effective of poisons like in ESO would be awesome
  3. I'm not a huge fan of anime but I absolutely loved Trigun and Sword Art Online. I go back and watch Trigun every few years or so haha
  4. I would be okay with an average amount of customization, hopefully it's a bit more than the bare minimum but we will see soon!
  5. itskitto

    Mage Hopes?

    I like this idea. If they were able to find a cool way to potentially allow us to make mobile, quick casting CC mages then that would be very interesting to see
  6. Welcome, be sure to check out the FAQs page on the main site and the FAQs channel on the Discord. They're probably identical but there could be some missing info on either.
  7. I love the concept! I just hope people don't get too caught up in the fact that it is essentially locked behind some sort of content. While achievable by everyone, I have seen this mentality going around where people like to complain about things like this 😧 I'm 100% for this idea though!
  8. itskitto


    I love addons, hoping we can get some customization options for the UI like everyone has stated. Some other integrations would be really cool but I know stuff can get dicey when moving on from UI related addons.
  9. itskitto


    Would definitely love a title system! GW1 and ESO have cool systems in place to hunt for title and I would be so down if Oath had a similar system.
  10. I think the two biggest things for me is diversity in possible skill sets/builds and then sea exploration as well. Being able to customize and build your own boat would be an excellent touch to the game!
  11. I'm not a fan of the ESO sub model but in the case of ReadyUp Studios and the size of their company, I would be willing to participate in a model like this to keep this rolling as smooth as possible.
  12. There was a similar concept to this in GW1 where you'd have to go and capture the skill (usually elite skills) from bosses. You'd have to find their location, kill them and then use a capture skill to unlock that ability. In the early days of the game it was awesome because you could one of the first people to unlock new and exciting builds/skillsets
  13. itskitto

    Summoner Hopes?

    It'll be interesting to see a couple different kinds of summoners, something that's more connected to nature like that of the Warden in ESO and then something that's more sinister like that of the Necromancer like in the GW series!
  14. itskitto

    Priest Hopes?

    I'm hoping to see something similar to what the Monk was in GW1, you had the option of powerful heals through burst heal or nice percent and/or base damage mitigation. One of the cooler skills on there was Healing Hands + Reversal Fortune that essentially healed you for a percent of physical incoming.
  15. A mix of League of Legends, ARK, Stardew Valley, and Apex Legends
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