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  1. In blacksmithing in most mmos its about just grinding then getting material but how about, when you blacksmith you have to go through a small process. In said process you have to put the metal in a furnace, then take it to an anvil, and a screen shows up where using some kind of directional tool that can be implemented, to direct the shape of the weapon in a shown shape that the weapon has to be, forcing the player to mimic the weapon shape. If they player hits the material in an area too much that area breaks. And it can use a sort of system where you place a thing that highlights a certain area and you can connect them, with multiple sets of colors one color not able to interact with the other, with multiple shape tools to it to make the highlighted color expand in a certain direction when hit. This could allow where a player if skilled enough with it could form a sword with one color while the surrounding area is still the metal, you can break it without affecting the other color. This can add a system in which the more accurate the shape is the higher quality, so there would be more to blacksmithing than just material and instead inserts skill. Sorry if I worded it very poorly, If you dont understand what I mean just reply what you dont understand.
  2. Howdy, I am honestly new to the mmo scene with only 4 years of actual playing of any mmo, but damn this seems like it is my dream game from what I have seen of it, and now that the stretch goals have been met I am overwhelmingly excited for how this will turn out in the next few years. The most recent mmos I have honestly actually gotten into would be Tera, and WOW but those are to be expected at this point. I am excited to play with y'all and hope to see you throughout the upcoming years.
  3. Healers are to be feared they hold the power over life and death, healers unite! But honestly being a healer is the best and I know my friends know not to harrass me off when I am healer because if they do they die.
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