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  1. Nah, jk, but hey! How's it going? 🙂 Nothing much here, I'm really excited for Oath though. Been playing MMOs since before I hit double-digit years, from old-school runescape, B.O.T.S, and Maplestory to newer games like ArcheAge, BnS, BDO, GW2, and Tera. Seeing as how this game plays as the newer action games, I got really interested, and noticing that the devs are focusing on gameplay first is definitely a breath of fresh air. I'm a really competitive person, so I loved the huge pvp aspects of certain games, but I'm also in love with the social experience in mmos, like rp and partying just for simple quests and leveling, and partying in general 😉 Hope to have fun with all of you!
  2. Rush

    Summoner Hopes?

    I much prefer this to the static gameplay of standard summoners, and would imo meld much better into the action-oriented combat the designers have in mind. It would be cool if it could be like witch/wizard from bdo, specifically how triggering an attack makes your summons do an ability as well (though obviously more focused on the pet rather than the summoner), thus making summons feel really like an extension of the summoner's will, rather than just a standard npc that autos until you click on an ability or autocasts. That being said though, it'd still be great to retain the ability to have your pet act like an auto-attack mob as well... Maybe it can be set so if you have more than one summon, you could have your abilities synergize with it while the rest act like mobs? Have the cd of summoning them in-combat raised so summoners would have to choose between keeping them out and possibly having them die randomly when not being used and waiting for a long re-summon cd, or hold off on summoning them until you need them, but at the same time losing precious time to do abilities and being more vulnerable. Idk, at this point my brain is firing in all sorts of directions, but that's the great thing about summoner classes! So much potential.
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