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  1. Yes I too love this idea, the fact that you have a set amount of metals in the world and each with their own property sounds awesome! So that would mean you would mine copper in a low level zone and the copper node would maybe have a pre fix to it to tell that it is low level then like "Small copper node" or "Compact copper node" for a higher grade of copper node. Of course those names blow and are not very fantasy. I second this, because this will make gathering in "lower" level zones sorta worth it for a high skilled miner, it would mean at the very least that they would have some benefit in going back to a zone. There is a careful balance to be made of course and higher yielding nodes always have to have a higher yield per time, but this would make the game feel better for everyone even if you are max level or lower level. This also removes the RNG completely from the crafting process, where I see some games give you the option to craft a "Copper Sword" and then it get randomized stats and maybe added a prefix to it that explains the stats "Swift Copper Sword" - meaning it gives more agility or atck speed etc. This would just make it up to the crafter and the materials you have avaliable. It could also mean that very high yield mats could give double stats, Titanium - Conductivy and Toughness stats f.ex.
  2. I think class quality is needed more over class quantity as others have stated, people tend to think more classes will be better for a game, the thing people forget is that you can always build upon existing classes with more abilites and new playstyles rather than creating a full fledged new class. There needs to be some variety, but 8 classes can be more than enough if all are done well and well balanced. Sub is something I have always wanted them to have, or at-least a b2p with a store that contains some skins etc. Which would be a sure income at the start and then the store for some money drips now and again. That could mean that not all the "coolest" skins had to be store skins, but that "end game" armor could also look cool. (not saying it wont, but from a business perspective it would be wiser to make the coolest armor "store" armor, rather than "drop" armor). PvP is already a big part of the game as I see it, there are a lot of pure PvE zones with high yield PvP zones and with GvG that would spice things up 😄
  3. Think of league of legends, they have voice on movement etc. but it only applies at so and so many times, not every click. So there is sort of a timer and a randomness to the sound, could be something like this. That sometimes you say something and sometimes you dont, and you have maybe more than one line for an attack, or the character in general just have a set amount of lines you say and it doesnt matter what attack you use, it will just be random weighted lines. Also cant say I can support your first suggestion, personal preference is that it would add an insane amount of randomness to what you acquire and it would be a lottery that just doesnt feel good. I think it can work in a single player game, also achievement in my opinion is just a way of getting people addicted to bad gameplay... -_- or that has been how it has been done in most games recently.
  4. Well since the package with resources dropped is already a thing I feel like there doesnt have to be other penalties other than the fact that you have to run to your corpse or spawn at the nearest town/graveyard. You already lost a battle and now you lost some resources that you gathered a long the way, that should be enough. In GvG there is obviously the destruction of the clan castle and the looting of your stash too that will be another layer of "penalty" to losing a war. Full loot will deter people from venturing into the PvP zones making PvP less likely to happen for those that adore the PvP aspect of the game this will decrease their number of fights per day. You will always get the hardcore PvPrs but the PvE/PvP or strictly PvE, "but I wanna take my chance at better resources" they will more than likely not venture into zones that have PvP enabled. I hope the package stays and + a gy run or corpse spawning farther away or some timer when retrieving your corpse will be implemented but not something that is too harsh.
  5. Deiphoboz

    Forum graphics

    Very nice! I like the new art for the topics as well.
  6. Deiphoboz


    You would have to make the rogue squishy or better yet, the stealth is fine its usually the CC lockdown thing that usually gets you. Because you wander around minding your own bizz and then suddenly your a locked in cc for 5 seconds and ur hp goes from 100% to 0 in those 5 seconds.
  7. I think the hardest point to pull of is the MMO based story that you speak of. I understand TSW did this pretty good for sure, never played that game myself. But it has to be a story that doesnt revolve around one single character but a bigger plot. Combat and class design - those are probably the ones that will count the most for me and a lot of people, if its fun to play a character, grinding mobs for hours doesnt really dull the experience because your class is fun to play. Tedious content can be "made fun" if your class is fun and engaging to play. Horizontal progression: I think you can always make a case that its good to not trivialize older content, one thing that shouldnt be done is the catch up systems, there will always be some mechanics that will catch you up to speed, because if you join a guild that can craft hardcore materials that lets you bypass some content due to it being superiorly statted etc. But having a you, with a new character having to do the older dungeons before you can do the new awesome one that just released this content patch, thats something I would like to see that WoW currently has moved far away from, there is always the next patch and then that is the current patch which in turns sets everyone and their mother to join that specific patch content. Discovering and hunting for special creatures and material gathering in "lower" zones would also make the world more alive. I think some form of verticality is needed without trivializing horizontal progression of a character too. Meaningful conflicts: The PvE you mention is something I know AoC is trying to establish in some way or form with their town system. But yeah making "camps" of monsters or certain events spawn certain powerful creatures in the world would be of great excitement, meaning you could do this in almost any zone - and then offer a reward upon getting rid of it.
  8. Deiphoboz

    Warrior Hopes

    I kinda am referring to that yeah 😛 But since they only showed a sneak peak of their current classes and now they are going with base classes instead, like the mage would contain pyro/cryo and probably one more mage, I just wanted to add a bit of spice to the warrior classes here. Its the standard setup though... Altough instead of goliath or berserker you could have a samurai of some sort, which have a long katana that is semi ranged throwing out wind cuts, but that could also potentially fit as a rogue subtype too.
  9. Deiphoboz

    Priest Hopes?

    Would probably be multiple specs, and yes mystic in tera was fun for sure, hoping for something like that who is damage/healer who have some control too. Also a pure healing priest that focus mainly on the healing much like holy in WoW I guess or any other priest class in any other MMO, and finally a paladin of sort that does melee combat and heals while doing damage and provides buffs.
  10. Deiphoboz

    Rogue Hopes

    Should be a toxicology class maybe, meddling with poisons one way or the other, the one who is very stealthy and has loads of escapes engages but dies fast when focused. Since these are just base classes atleast.
  11. Deiphoboz

    Warrior Hopes

    Since this is the base class "WARRIOR" I hope we get some branches that goes into Goliath - who has a two handed axe/sword/hammer, Guardian - tank with shield and sword, Berserker - two one handers of axe/sword/hammers. Guardian is the tank with some shield abilities and maybe some buffs protective stances that will protect allies, and maybe also some taunts, if that will be a thing. Berserker - a warrior that is based on the bloodthirsty lust for battle, meaning he will regenerate some amount of health by damaging or by passive, having high speed attacks and some bursty combos. Goliath - The big man warrior who swings heavy and slow but with greater impact and some cc control of enemies, and maybe a lot of aoe skills around his swings, due to having such heavy weapons.
  12. I do hope we stick to a current theme and dont bring in stuff that is outside the era the game is set in, if so adapt the costumes to certain area. A suit can work if its made to be old. Ofcourse it is a fantasy game, but it would be nice to at least keep some of the emersion. Tera introduced some foul costumes / mounts which just broke everything about it being set in medieval fantasy era. So my suggestion is, keep adding good costumes/stuff, but make it "time appropriate" so to say. I would say a good pirate costume would work for this world, an english admiiral suit would work, fancy dresses would work, steam punk would work, including some tech pieces that look fantasy / "ancient". That is what I would prefer for the game atleast! Pets are good, toys in the form of objects that you can "show off" is also good.
  13. Could still have monster killing quests, but more general ones though. I think it would be hard to make an mmo that doesnt involve in killing anything as a form of quest. But this could still be a viable profession. You could have monster hunters out there that could track and spot big monsters roaming the world with a certain skill, these would be special kill monsters that acts more as a boss as you say with special mechanics and an increased healthbar etc. An ability could be track/scout and then one thats called "hunt" the hunt skill tags a monster / boss for hunting and it will turn red for you only. Or it could be a small instanced event where you find tears in the world that leads to a super mini dungeon with some smaller creatures and a big creature at the end or just a big creature. This could be caves in trees/rocks etc too. And as you said providing lucrative rewards for said area with valuable resources that is otherwise hard to get, especially if your hunt skill is high. This could mean that a low hunt skill would mean smaller creatures to fight and the higher you get the higher the diff would increase. This could also mean if they are "phased/instanced" that there can be high level creatures in a low level area that is still meaningful to visit, giving the world a constant feel of players. Because low level zones would still have a pop even if the whole server is full of max characters, since they would have an incentive to go back and Hunt for these creatures there.
  14. The others tab is just pure gold! 💛
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