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  1. Fair point, but I believe the assumption is that people who invest in the game aren’t malicious. Even with 10 accounts; that would be only 30 votes, while costing about 250$. In my opinion, people who want to sway the vote would not find that a smart investment. (Especially with the hopeful influx of new backers after the next video)
  2. Lyrexio

    Art style

    Im sorry to say but none of that style will remain. However, did you see the previews of the 3D models and the gifs of the updated world art? They’re still extremely unique and very well made.
  3. Would just like to remind: PvP zones will not have inaccessible rewards to those who do not wish to go within. Rather, just easier to farm. Ex: respawn rate of 30 sec instead of 1 min Players that do not wish to pvp will not have to. Players that do not wish to pve will have to. This concept rewards players who are skilled at both PvE and PvP. Anyone who thinks players who are willing to take a risk, and excel at both PvP and PvE, have an 'unfair advantage' compared to someone who can only do 1/3 of those, is simply wrong.
  4. presssss the enter key from time to time: Makes things a lot easier to read. [Agreeing with thomas] I dont like the idea of having instances for a world boss. I think a world boss should just spawn randomly and everyone can rush to it and everyone gets rewards for contributing, not just the guild who killed it. I think your idea would be better suited as a PvE competition between guilds. Heres some ideas I came up with using yours: -An instanced area could spawn where only your guild could join your instance. (Maybe even something you can build in the guild base to teleport you to it) -The boss can be extremely hard as you have your whole guild -Leaderboard to show completion/times/rewards -All guilds would have a chance to kill it based on their own skill/merit -Once killed, cannot kill again until reset. -Bosses will change (monthly)
  5. If you look up Oath's kickstarter page you can find a short paragraph entailing lore about the Oath Sworn.
  6. Well yeah at first it would be, but after you hit cap you wont have to do them again until more come out.
  7. I like this a lot, adds difficulty and more personality to each class. The trainer being in an area that relates to the class is in my opinion fantastic. Reminds me of in Wizard101 how your school would make you do a quest to get a card exclusive to your main school. When you did the quest you would also get a cool interaction that only people who did that quest could proc. Ex: Ice giant spawning out of the sky. Tree of Savior also had things like secret classes that could only be found and unlocked through exploration, grinding, and quests.
  8. Since we will be having guild wars, I think it would be pretty neat to have a massive mount that could hold the entire guild(100-200). My thoughts were a type of slug that would tower over entire cities, and you could slowly roll up to the enemy base with your slug full of guildies. Not only would this strike fear into the opposing guild's hearts, but also be extremely badass and cool. Another type could simply be a movable mountain, instantly killing players who are in the way, along with the slug. Let me know what you think!
  9. Idk about this one guys, he seems kind of crazy Nice to meetcha alex
  10. Lyrexio

    Pvp dungeons

    I love the idea of competing with other parties to get event rewards
  11. Apparently guilds will be pretty Gigantic! See you around
  12. Anyone with a Corazon pfp is a thumbs up in my book.
  13. Yeah I wanna be able to play with PvE Gods and PvP sweaty tryhards same server
  14. Wassup Envy, I've seen you around and I just wanted to say its nice to have people who look into things critically with good insight. Looking forward to seeing you around more.
  15. Lyrexio

    Summoner Hopes?

    I think a type of micro-management summoner would be neat. One with full control over its summons. I also would like the idea of an 'Abathur' summoner like in Heroes of the Storm. One that stays out of combat, but can attach itself to any character and support/deal damage.
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