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  1. oh, ok. I somehow missed that main city part. Anyway, it could still be abused cuz they could go back to the main city or mby there will be teleport option back to the city and turn it off there and just come back so yea, that would have to be resolved as well. Also no one knows how big the world actually is going to be in Oath, cuz BDO's world wasn't really that big and even if that system you are proposing would be in BDO, people could easily abuse it there cuz going from grinding spot to main city literally took under 5 minutes in most spots. Also BDO PvP system worked differently cuz you couldn't turn off PvP and still could get killed even if you weren't flagged. And the is pretty much an upgrade from their current zone system in my eyes as well. But duels should be available in all of the zones, so that's kind of it in a way.
  2. I'd rather have the zones instead of players being able to completely cut off themselves from the PvP by never toggling the PvP on. Not even talking about that it could be easily abused, where someone would turn the PvP on, try to kill someone, then realize he can't win and just toggle it off and the attacked player wouldn't be able to do anything. However i'd prefer PvP system like what BDO had with open world pvp being available pretty much everywhere except the cities. But that's not going to happen so it's pointless to wish for that. So yea, personally i think it's a terrible idea. So i'd rather have them just do zones instead, in that way the people who don't mind taking bigger risks (even if they are PvE players) might participate in PvP by trying to get the benefits of the PvP areas.
  3. I think that if the game has a good balanced PvP then it's going to attract a lot of PvP players from BDO and other games like gw2 (those that do only WvW and such). And as the guy above said, PvP players don't require much. As long as the combat is good and the PvP works and is somewhat balanced it's all we usually need. In BDO PvP players are treated like complete shit and they still play that game, so that kind of says something. There is a huge hole in the market for an mmorpg with good PvP content. I can say with confidence if they managed to create a PvP friendly environment for pvp players then the game would have a lot of very loyal players. Since we are all scattered across several games like ESO/BDO/GW2/WoW where the pvp isn't really a big part of the game (except for BDO obviously). So they would have players from those games if done right. Progression I think that this game needs to have progression that is more long term and not like WoW where your gear progression is basically at square 1 every start of the expansion. Something like BDO let's say where you take months to get your gear and you can feel getting more powerful. Also there should be fair treatment for both pvp and pve players, meaning that getting gear through both pve and pvp activities should be balanced so pvp players aren't forced to do pve and vise versa. On the question of what player is more valuable. Personally i'd say a PvP player cuz he basically can't run out of content if the game's pvp is well designed. When it comes to PvE player he can easily run out of content after he kills the hardest boss in the hardest dungeon for the X time and gets bored of it.
  4. What you are saying about PvP players generally not being forced to do end game pve in order to get better PvP gear or resources is literally false. Or at least from the top of my head i can't remember a single mmorpg that does it. In both BDO and WoW you are pretty much forced to do PvE if you want better PvP gear, just an example. Also from what Stephen said, players won't be dropping anything from their inventory or gear, so that already confirms there won't be full loot pvp or any other harsh penalties for dying in PvP. And i don't know from where you can tell "at a glance" that the game punishes PvE players and forces them into PvP conflicts. It was several times said that the open world pvp areas will have something like better drop rates, but it was made quite clear that you will not be forced to do that content if you aren't fond of it and can progress without ever touching PvP. Of course who knows how they will balance it but i'm very sure you won't be forced to go into open world pvp zones to progress through the game unless they make the zones way too good to pass on, but i doubt they would mess up the balancing like that.
  5. http://prntscr.com/nwjzsb I think this response concludes the Full loot PvP topic.
  6. This weeb thread is FeelsWeirdMan
  7. Congratz on ascending from "weeb" to "weeb mod" 😉

  8. Yea, i pretty much agree with you. In Albion the open world full loot pvp has place and it's not bad since it's not so hard to get the gear back as far as i know. But if full loot would be in BDO i think that the game would die extremely fast just cuz of that. tldr; it needs to be well balanced xD
  9. Yea, the penalties for dying should be well balanced with how hard it's to progress in the game. It shouldn't be too punishing or the rewards for killing others too small otherwise it would kill the pvp scene quite fast.
  10. I think that it really depends on how the whole progression system is designed in Oath and how valuable each piece of gear is. So losing a piece of gear upon death could either be insanely big penalty (mentioning BDO again) or fairly bearable penalty. The project ascension pvp death system sounds fairly well designed, but as i said before i really don't agree with "gear dropping upon death" if 1 piece can take 500h of grind, no idea how the progression is in Project Ascension.
  11. 1) I think there is no reason for PvP vendor to exist in full loot environment, as you said maybe for some unique skins or cosmetics but that's about it. The loot you would get from players should be enough. 2) in a non-full loot environment i agree with you. And i also agree that there should be some penalty for dying. Never heard about Project Ascension though and got no idea how their death system works for PvP.
  12. I think that if you were to loot the materials the person gathers in that zone upon his death it would be fair. I think that The Divison had that? Some system that is rewarding and isn't overly punishing for the player. Of course if someone gathers for 2h and then dies to another player and that player loots everything he has gathered in those 2 hours, it would be his own fault for being too greedy and taking too big of a risk. A system like that sounds fair to me. Also to that pvp vendor argument, what if the pvp vendor isn't underwhelming and actually it would be worth killing players just for the tokens? Then i can see it working quite well as well. Anyway i'd like to see some penalty for dying, not just the player who kills getting pvp token and the player who died not losing anything whatsoever. The materials gathered drop upon death could work quite well imo. Or there could be loses of xp etc..
  13. I think that ganking is a natural reaction to the game having full loot zones. And yea, you could argue that you should just bring the gear you can afford to lose, but how hard is it going to be to get that "gear you can afford to lose", maybe getting another full pair of equipment will be insanely hard and time consuming thus making it still very big loss if you were to die with it. Or you could be required to bring higher lvl gathering tools to mine materials there etc.. and those tools would be as well fairly expensive so it would be big loss upon death as well. I simply don't think it's a good idea to have it in a game, especially one that's not fully focused on PvP. Also ganking might be fun if you do it to someone but losing let's say 30h of grind to 3 less skilled, less geared players is simply infuriating and full loot open world pvp is encouraging that. I'd rather see some type of "outlaw" system where PK players would be punished somehow for killing others, loss of xp or mby losing the materials you gathered in that zone etc.. Something like what BDO had with their karma system.
  14. I don't agree with full loot either. In order to have full loot implemented in certain zones you would have to lower the gear cap the game has. Let's say you can reach "the best" gear or at least "softcap" gear in a week, then yea i agree it could theoretically work. Now Imagine if you had full loot in a game where the gear is extremely hard to obtain (BDO), some gear pieces in that game are literally worth thousands of hours of grind, now imagine dropping that. I don't think it's good to lower the gear cap however since players wouldn't have any long-term gear goal to work towards. So personally i hope they avoid full loot mechanics. And if they actually wanted to implement that they shouldn't lock the end-game progression behind Open world full loot PvP zones. I think that's what Albion pretty much did? I'm not sure about that since i didn't get that far in that game. Also it was said several times on discord that there should be only something like "higher drop rates" of certain rare materials, so hopefully it's fairly well balanced.
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