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  1. Grinding for gear is fine, as long the gear diference is not too big. Take exemple of BDO, grinding for gear is fun to grind to get to the *softcap*, but if you try to pvp as a *non softcap* player vs a softcap, you stand no chance, and this is what i dislike. dont make it too much of a big gap in between tier.
  2. What game are you playing currently ? OATH won't be there for a while, and if i join a guild, i would love to have that guild active in other game.
  3. If they get flying in the game, i hope its gonna be in a certain zone only. it is terrible exemple of a game but AION had that where you could fly only in certain area while other place was only ground.
  4. Maybe they will be just a support role class that will summon runes to buff ally, who know
  5. Building the guild Castle look like an amazing feature. Cant wait to see it !
  6. How do you expect ranger to play in OATH ?? something like wow hunter with a pet, or more like a lone figther with a bow ?
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