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  1. I like a 80/20 split on bow vs. melee. Archers need some melee skills to finish a kill when they get close, but the majority of their damage should come from ranged attacks. If any other melee-based character catches an archer off-guard, they should not be able to go toe-to-toe with them at all. Granted, I have seen games that allow for melee-spec archers to compete, but they are typically the exception to the rule.
  2. I always loved how Dark Age of Camelot handled stealth. The assassin-types hit very hard from stealth, but are also pretty squishy. The stealth was essentially pure invisibility with regard to non-stealth characters, but other stealthers are able to see each other for decent counter-play. If they're melee glass cannons, then it's not so bad. They are good at what they do, taking out other squishy people. It's a rock, paper, scissors style. stealthers>casters>tanks>stealthers But others have hit the key point of frustration which is CC-locking. Though that is a different issue, though they're typically coupled together.
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