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    Alas, it has always been a bucket list and a dream for me to attend Gamescom or E3 and the like.
  2. YouTube: https://youtube.com/23hestia TwitchTV: https://www.twitch.tv/alethia23
  3. Added a few things. Will update along the way.
  4. @TITAN Interesting suggestion. Warframe currently does this and Forsaken World.
  5. @Mako Reasonable suggestions. I'll be adjusting the entire post with more in-depth suggestions soon. Thanks for coming by!
  6. Excited for what's to come with Oath! 🎉


  7. Fluid Action Combat (Phase 1) - Players have the freedom to choose a crosshair icon. Below are some ideas. I do not own these images. - Each class has varied abilities that allow them to move while casting or is rooted to the ground. This allows players to properly think of timing and correct skill rotations. Make mana great again and count towards a user whilst casting. - Dodge works with a Stamina bar. Much like Monster Hunter, instead of having a cool-down or tied with Mana, it is implemented with a stamina system. - Certain class abilities drain Health or Mana or Stamina. (More on this discussed in the classes section) - Multiple key bindings Support gaming mouse & keyboard software such as Logitech G, Razer, Steel Series, etc. Native controller support. - Opponents can have elemental strengths and weaknesses. - Status types: Burn, poison, bleed, reduced health, etc. - Crowd control: Root, stun, movement speed (fast/slow), petrify, silence and disabled. Classes - Throughout Alpha Testing, I would recommend for us to test out at least 3 classes only. This will allow the developers time to receive strong feedback from testers on feedback, suggestions, and bugs. Currently announced classes: Knight, Berserker, Pyromancer, Cryomancer, Ranger, Rogue, and Guardian. In my opinion, 7 classes are a handful to work on as a foundation for a new game. Once different phases of testing are achieved, devs can maybe unlock more classes to receive further feedback. Races - Concepts With 7 classes to explore with, I would like to suggest the following races to explore during Oath's early development stage. Currently announced race: Elunian (Human-like) - 1 Bipedal Beast race - with the possibility of running on fours? Families Ursidae (Bear-like) Feline Canine Reptile Amphibian Cervidae (Deer-like) Bovidae/Bovinae (Cattle/Bisons/Goats/Sheep/Ram) Marsupials (Kangaroo/Koala/Platypus/etc.) - 1 Mythical race. Elves -> Here are two pages that discuss about elf types -> No.1 & No.2 Fairies Ghoul Zombie Werewolf Vampire Dragon Orc - Short Humanoids (Beasts/Mythics included) Halfling Dwarf Gnome Goblin Leprechaun Pixie Guild System - Phase 1 - Guild Hierarchy. The ability to edit and customize. Check out Warframe for an example. - Guild quests. - Drop-down list to view from hierarchy, last seen, etc. Players can add “self notes”. - Guild officers have an in-game section for “player notes”. (Optional feature?) - Guild costume. Customizable colors and different costume types according to the guild rank. Guild capes, guild shoulder pads, etc. - Guild ranking system. As the guild progresses with the rank, you gain new perks. New guild mounts, guild costumes, etc. - Being able to upload your custom guild emblem. Emblems can appear on guild costumes. - Guild tags unlocked as you rank up or complete __guild achievements__. Show it off on top of your head as a cool icon. - Guild achievements. If the guild manages to complete X for the first time, this unlocks a special cosmetic feature for the guild or a guild buff. When this achievement is unlocked, it is shown on the side of the screen for others to see. - Guild buffs. Give guilds more of an incentive for players to be there rather than an extra chat tab. These buffs need to be maintained. Possibly added into the guild base system and what buildings the guild owns. - Contribution UI. See what this specific player has contributed so far with guild base construction.
  8. Hello! Thank you for visiting the thread. Allow me to make a small introduction of myself before you proceed. You can call me Hestia. I'm an experienced gamer and I have played MMORPGs since the age of 10. My first being Nexus: Kingdom of the Winds (2D). I'm an experienced game/app tester and leader (virtually & in real life). I will go in depth when it comes to bug reporting, suggestions and the like. Now that's out of the way, let us get to some game suggestions for Oath. 🙌 ------------------------------------------------- Early Development - Core Features If needed, I will break down each section below in another post. 1 ) Fluid Action Combat 2 ) Classes 3 ) Races 4 ) Lore 5 ) PVE Content - Dungeons & Raids 7 ) Crafting 8 )Trading 9 ) Resource Farming 10 ) Guild System 11 ) PVP Content - Instanced & Open World All these key points allow the game to have a variety of player types. This also helps with the player economy. —— Second Phase 1 ) Housing (Guild & Player). 2 ) Enhancement System 3 ) Cosmetics 4 ) Player Finder 5 ) Monetization Third Phase: = Under Construction = Fourth Phase: = Under Construction = ------------------------------------------------- These are of course opinions from a single individual. Feel free to leave a comment if there's anything else you'd like to add.
  9. Congratulations on the mod position! 👏

  10. I'll fill out this form once I acquire my desktop gaming PC.
  11. Ahhhh I'm beyond excited. What I appreciate the most about the character models would be the artistic yet simplified look. It doesn't overdo the "bloom" effect some MMOs have. It looks highly customizable. Reminds me of The Sims 4 models that allow push & pull mechanics when adjusting your avatar. Looking forward to what comes next. I hope the developers consider hair physics. The little things that count. 😃
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