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  1. You may be shocked to see what ReadyUpStudios has in store for us. Welcome!
  2. Well it seems like you have quite the interesting personality. I’m curious as to how that will translate into play-style. Welcome to the community!
  3. King


    I’m guessing by the original post that you have experience playing dark souls? Leaving misleading comments is very frequent in that franchise. Despite it all being in good fun.
  4. Saltwater or freshwater?
  5. Welcome to the community. Seems you’re not new to mmo’s by any means, and you have a history of playing competitive games. This experience should combine into creating quite the player once Oath officially releases.
  6. You enjoy posting introductions. And I enjoy responding to introductions. Just like Yin and Yang. Welcome!
  7. King


    I love forums as well. I’ll be sure to spend a lot of my time here. Welcome!
  8. 1v1? Is this a challenge I hear? Perhaps we’ll encounter each other in a PvP zone at some point. I’ll be ready for the battle.
  9. At the time of posting, this forum has only been up for a couple days. So you’re not too late. Eventually this forum will be filled with thousands of introduction posts and you’ll be considered to be among one of the first.
  10. Hola, por favor disfruta tu estancia.
  11. King

    'Tis I!

    With how quickly the community is growing it will most likely be the “next big game” for an abundance of people. Hope it turns out to be for you as well!
  12. Amazing to see how frequently people are joining the community this early on in development. Community growth will be explosive nearing release. Great to have you!
  13. Nice to identify the most hardcore players in the community as early on as possible. Excited to see how and your guild perform once the game releases. Great to have you have here!
  14. King


    You’re a pig that enjoys bacon? I hope you mean turkey bacon and you’re not simply devouring your peers.
  15. Great to have You here. You’re going to be joining in the age of the mmo renaissance. And Oath will be among the top contenders.
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