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  1. Since the game is in prealpha currently we don't know what the minimum system requirements are/might be the best we can do is say you'll atleast the bare minimum needed to run Unreal engine 4
  2. Though I understand where you're coming from though usually Healers and Tanks are pretty OP in pvp anyways as they usually have decent enough damage not obviously as good as dps but decent damage mixed with their defense/heals. Ofcourse overall though it's very difficult to say if a mechanic like you suggested would be needed till we play the game as healers could be very easy to take down, dps could be op, etc So maybe it's a little early for a suggestion like this currently?
  3. Trick

    Celebration Time

    3000+ Members now officially signed up to the forums, another thousand or so members within about 20 days I'd say this is pretty nice progress considering the forums aren't too well advertised, real nice to see new people always joining! 🙂
  4. Everyone it has come to my attention that Titan has not been appreciated enough and realised his true potential, so I am setting forth to make Titan the president of RaF! Click the text to help make this a reality 😘
  5. Trick


    WOOLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO oh and nice to meet ya, enjoy your stay and good luck with your studies 🙂
  6. Nah I imagine they'll do that anyways what I meant is in early access games a lot of people do tend to just play the game and not check for bugs so I wanted to get a general idea on the number of players
  7. One thing I really haven't seen much discussion on in the discord is the discussion of bugs and glitches in the game when we are eventually able to play, now don't get me wrong I understand its obvious a difficult topic to cover considering the fact we can't even play but, I wanted to know how many players actually are going to dedicate their time in game during the early access stages to find bugs and glitches from small cosmetic ones to massive game breaking ones. Ofcourse if you're in the early access you have no responsibility to do this as you've paid to play early so do what you want to do, but ofcourse the more players focusing on these areas the better (sometimes) Personally I will be dedicating a LOT of time to find even the smallest glitches/bugs as its just a hobby if anything of mine. (Ofcourse I'll still be playing the actual game though)
  8. For me I'm half and half on this ofcourse I don't want some random light to be somewhere that doesn't make sense just to make that item look "cooler" but lets say we had fire (obviously doesn't make sense on armour but I mean it's a game) or balls of energy around our armour then ofcourse I would want glowing bits for those to make them not feel out of place
  9. Kickstarter Exclusive : Pet 2 Kickstarter Exclusive : Pet 3 Kickstarter Exclusive : Weapons 2 Kickstarter Exclusive : Costume 3 Female Kickstarter Exclusive : Costume 3 Male As I said previously I thought it'd be nice to post them here too, though I'm unsure on how to do the reveal content part like Stephen did previously so they are all done in text to link form to save on a spammy mess. Hope if you haven't seen them previously you enjoy Weapons 2 is very nice and personally I can't wait to see them in game!
  10. Are the new previews not going to be published here? If not I'll freely post them in the comments as soon as we get new posts I'd just rather have confirmation before doing so as to make less spam
  11. Trick


    Some explanation or references to what these are please 😘
  12. Trick

    Celebration Time

    completely agree I do wish more people would submit their questions here rather than the discord would be so much easier for people to search if their question has previously been answered aka saving the devs and mods some time 😛
  13. Why a founder item? Maybe something like an early release thank you note or something like that but a founder item isn't really something that'd be handed out to everyone just because they joined a free to play game when it releases
  14. Trick

    Celebration Time

    Keeping in this topic the forums have now surpassed 2k members hot damn that's a lot of people glad to see the forums still gaining attention as well as the game gaining new fans each day!
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