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  1. Hiya, Im not gonna come up with a bunch of spells but ill give some examples at the end. Battle Mage: Melee with some midrange stuff Gear: Leather(?) Weapon: Spear imo They would be a kinda fast moving and very fast attacking hybrid damage class doing huge combos with all sorts of different low cd skills proficient in single target damage and dueling and maybe have them be affiliated with dragons since i feel like that would fit well. The main core concept of the class is to have them be like a tornado gradually gaining speed. They would mainly have short cooldown simple spells but ofcourse a mix of both. The Class would have an ability with an Active and a Passive, The Passive being when they attack (spells and basic attacks i think) They would gain a stack, increasing their attack speed, cooldown reduction, (probably some other stuff just still figuring out what would be balanced) and start Converting 0.5/1/whatev/% of their physical damage to magical damage and vice versa and the max would be 50%. And then when they reach full stacks they are either forced or have the option to (still not sure) use the stacks to increase the stats even more and a 5/10/whatev/% increase in physical and magical damage, so the attacks and spells would do 55% physical and 55% magical resulting in a 10% increase in damage basically. Some spell examples (again, i think its best to mostly keep the spells fairly simple for a class like this but im not a game dev so i might be 100% wrong) all of these deal damage ofcourse, just dont wanna write ''dealing damage'' Double Stab: Stabs twice in quick sucession(?) and has a % chance to cause the enemy to bleed (and maybe slowed) Dragon Stab: Stabs and stuns for a very short while, barely a second Sky Strike(?): Hits the enemy in a way that makes them airborne - Will also maybe have skills that can jump up and attack the person in the air Dragon Strike: Charges forward a short distance and then stabs with his spear, reducing their armor (and maybe slows) No idea namewise: For a x second (maybe 10 idk) duration all spells and attacks summon a magic/element orb behind you temporarily increasing x stat and after the duration shoots towards your last target (not sure if these should deal inital damage or not but Fire increase physical damage and reduces healing/gives them a burn dot when shot. Ice increase armor and slows when shot. Water increases magical damage and heals you when shot (shoots ally with the least health including you). Air increases atk speed or movement speed and when shot it knocks the enemy up into the air. Earth im not sure.) It doesnt need to be elemental, can be anything just the easiest thing to understand for now. Just a few simple spells and a more complex one that really suits and adds to the battle mage style. I will also use this post to just straight up copy paste a few ideas i typed out in the discord, i wrote these pretty fast so no detail basically just the general core concept of the class. Warlock/necromancer ish Dark Magic - Class Ideas: warlock aoe cc control focused (cool spell idea is a giant gate to death that pulls all enemies near towards it and deals damage) instead of the usual just dark magic that deals damage, would be fun with a class focused on cc with access to large scale control spells and for necromancer probably a subclass to summoners with dark summons. Weapon could be Staffs, Scepters/Wands or maybe a Sacrificial type of knife/dagger. - Punch guy/Brawler/whatev - Melee class focused on single target dueling with good self sustain, decently tanky and consistant dps, no big up or downtime imo except for counterattacks/punishers. Could have Subclasses of different fighting styles maybe and that would decide if they are more tanky or more damage oriented. Weapon is a bit hard, im not a big fan of big metal type gauntlet stuff, so i cant rly think of a good weapon that could be flashy and not just invisable. - Phantom/Demon/Ghost Swordsman - Dont have a full idea about this one but maybe he like can summon Ghosts or something that debuffs/buffs/damages/cc the enemies/allies he targets or maybe in a big zone while he fights with them. Maybe think of the old yorick but not corpses and alot more interesting ones like maybe a Poison that when it hits them they take %health damage and get a little slowed or like an old samurai demon that boosts your/allies physical damage while near him/them and fun utility things like that.
  2. Then how would you do it? i like my way atleast, but you didnt say another way. You cant have World Bosses that can be killed by everyone since then they would just be farmed, and guild cooperation is boring imo since there wouldnt be any real competition. And about powerhouse guilds killing it everytime well yea, if they are better then they deserve it, you maybe could add a timer for the guild if you lose so they cant spam enter with different groups but you cant really say that we should give World Bosses which are meant to be a very hard and challenging thing to weaker players just because we dont want better players to get it everytime...
  3. Crafters and Raiders should both be important for progressing the guild, whether it be Raids, Guild Wars and thing like that. I dont think the BiS gear at the time should be dropped from high end raids, i do however think good gear should be dropped aswell as materials. Then to get the BiS gear you would need Crafters, whether it be leatherworking, blacksmithing, or whatever aswell as maybe gemstones (idk if those are a thing in oath) so its a combination of both efforts to get gear. And you can either make it so that its only materials that make the weapon, or that you need the high end gear, aswell as high end materials, and some more lower rarity materials to keep the economy flowing in both upper and lower levels of raiding/dungeons. And you either need the lets say boots + lots of materials to make a new better kind of boots, or that you simply need materials and a crafter to upgrade them, and as to how many times you could upgrade them i dont know. This makes it so crafters have alot more to contribute in high end gear wise, so that only raiding arent the only thing that gives you the BiS gear. And i also hope they make crafting profession harder to level up so that it doesent feel braindead, maybe they can add crafting gear or stuff like that and give crafting a % to not work, wasting materials and not getting the gear. So crafters can also work to craft for themselves, having gear with on equip effects that give High end Blacksmithing a + % to not fail, or something like that. So both Crafting and Raiding are both more challenging and crafters dont just feel like something they added just to have it there, but make it hard, make it feel like an actual difficult job like raiding does. And most importantly, make crafters an important player in high end PvE and PvP content, so they arent just left behind as a side character or a crafting alt. I also think everything should be sell and tradable, So that materials the guild dont need anymore, or if its just a solo player, they can trade for materials they need, or sell it for gold. And things crafters make can be sold so that it can be a money making job if you put time and effort into it. And so that the raiders can give the crafter the items they need to craft the new weapon and then the crafter can trade it back.
  4. Soo. If we make both PvP Zone World Bosses and PvE Zone World Bosses. We can make the PvE Zone World Bosses super hard, 100 players maybe, idk its hard to do an estimate when the game isnt released yet. You fight them in an instance kind of, like when you walk into a zone and everyone that isnt in your party disappears, but you dont teleport to a different location, so you can just walk out if you want but the boss might follow you. If you dont have the aggro though you can leave the ''instance'' and see real players again when you get out of his Lair and there should be a max player in the party so you cant bring 500 people. When one guild/party whatever kills it, no one else can kill it until it respawns (in my opinion when it gets killed it should spawn at a random time next week, so you cant stand outside it super prepared and know when its gonna spawn, so if you kill it on thursday, the cooldown resets on monday and it has a chance to spawn anytime until sunday) and the party that gets it obviously has access to the loot and the pve boss should have a set spawn location imo. This makes it so that smaller guilds can have a chance of killing it if they are good enough, and the bigger guilds massive player amount advantage wont matter as much, just how good the players are and their gear. And then PvP bosses arent as hard, but still need like a minimum of 20 good players to slowly kill it, and the bosses would have alot of health. This makes PvE Zone World Bosses sort of a race to what guild (or party of solo players) can kill the world boss first, and with random starting time it wont always be the absolute best one, since they might not be on or just have really bad luck on the Boss. oh and you should be able to fight it however many times you want, no cooldown, but you cant join respawn until your party has won or wiped. And it should be extremely hard so you cant just slowly and safely bring the health down without any casualties if you just play super safe. And with PvP zone boss the real fight would be about surviving and killing other players, parties and guilds and not get wiped out so you cant kill and loot the Boss. Idk what the system should be for who gets to loot, if its gonna be most damage, first hit, aggro or whatever but something. With these bosses the smaller guilds wouldnt have as much chance as bigger guilds but they still wouldnt be completely left out since you could just hide and wait for when the boss is low and alot of players are dead and then jump in. And in pvp it would be more about who has the most and best players since it wouldnt be instanced in any way. just a normal zone, and the boss would spawn in a random location in an area so that you cant camp it. I think this would bring alot of fun moments and good competition between guilds, aswell as epic large scale fights and races for the World Bosses. It would also give bragging rights if you have lots of Bosses under your belt ;). The kill should also be announced in the server so people can see who it was, attracting players to join their guild and such aswell, and maybe some sort of interface thing you can open up to see who has killed what bosses, most bosses and things like that, making them kill bosses for fame aswell.
  5. I think it could be a little bit grindy to need to do specific quests to get skills, some people maybe just wanna be in the world and level by killing monsters and that concept would ruin those kinds of playstyles xd
  6. Yea, my post mostly just was about getting your subclass, from there i just thought of getting skills by leveling up like usual
  7. Getting skills like that wasnt something i had thought of but sounds kinda fun xd
  8. Yea thats what i meant with picking up the class from the class trainer, he gives you a quest and the quest either shows exactly where the Subclass trainer is or just general location and you have to find him on your own. And the only downside i see is that it could take a bit of time to create the different questlines for characters and to make them actually long and good ( 😉 )
  9. Secret classes could be cool but also a bit annoying since if you didnt know about them and became a different class you would need to make a new character xd but yea i hope they do the different zones/trainer for different classes and that you have to go there on like a journey ^^
  10. Please excuse my terrible grammar and lack of punctuation marks <3 I know it would be a bit of work but i would love if instead of it being like wow where you get to lvl 15 and just click arcane for example and boom you're an arcane mage. instead when you get to the level where you choose after you have learnt and done quest from the starting zone for your race you pick up a quest from the class trainer to find a new master for your subclass, in this scenario we are a mage. So your Basic mage trainer asks what kind of magic you wanna do. Lets say you wanna be a Cryomancer. You have to travel up to the far North to a very cold part of the land like greenland cold. You meet your new trainer there and you become a Cryomancer apprentice, Do quests for him, He teaches you new spells, all that good stuff. and after completing the questline (should be a decent length imo) you finally offically become a Cryomancer and he sets you off into the world to level and learn on your own. or if you wanted to be a Pyromancer you travel to like a Volcano island (If you have seen the avatar it maybe could be like where Roku stopped the volcanos from destroying the island). With Necromancer (please add Necromancer) you travel to somewhere and study with an old pale dude in a basement filled with books and learn there (ofcourse the whole questline wont be there). And you could do all the different Subclasses, With Knights/Blademasters and all those maybe going to like a knightschool thingy or with the classic old war dude that is too old for fighting and prefers to drink tea and relax. Thief/Assassin in the Underbelly of a big city maybe, Hunter/Ranger in the forest ofcourse. And you shouldnt be allowed to reroll your Subclass without making a new character, maybe its just me liking rp but i want my Character to have substance, a story, Depth and feel a connection with her, if i studied Necromancy i cant just give it up for some lame ice or fire if i feel like it, then the whole questline and time spent learning from my master wouldnt feel like you know it mattered or whatever a good word for it is. (im not the best in english) I want my Character to have you know its own lore, i Chose Necromancy, i studied it, i didnt just press necromancy and boom im a necromancer, i earned it, and i dont want the option to just change to a Cryomancer if i felt like it. If i wanna be a Cryomancer i should make a new character. So all in all i know it would be alot of work but i would really like to Travel to the North if i wanna learn how to control ice, not just pick it, or be teleported there, but do the journey, i dont want it to be handed to me ^^ Sorry for the long post, ill stop now before i continue rambling about it xD
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