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  1. I'll totally be streaming this game ❤️ Twitch
  2. Late to the party but just voted. I like PvP but having it be optional/toggle/zoned is a win for everyone. I love PvP but dislike being bothered while I'm solo questing. Thanks for polling the community!
  3. Hey everyone! I'm Amymazy but feel free to call me Amy. 👋 I've been playing MMOs for 15+ years and I'm excited about this game and community. My focus is PvE but don't mind optional PvP content if it's fun. I started with the original EQ then WoW consumed my life for many years. I also enjoy playing ESO and FFXIV. ARPGs have been a recent interest for me lately with Diablo 3, a little PoE, and hopefully Chaosbane soon. Happy to be here early and support the game as its being developed. I am a full time college student and also stream on Twitch for funsies. Looking forward to playing with you all!
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