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  1. Lol though I love log horizon i so sincerely doubt there will be another season T.T but check out overlord if you haven't yet.
  2. I LOVED Goblin Slayer, Dark but just dark enough. I just watched Saga of Tanya the Evil, and omg that was so good. I was so mad with HQ at the end.
  3. I live next to that actually Dag
  4. Oh jeez, where is Heathcliff when you need him. JK Welcome!!
  5. 16 in size 16 font baby Wewt
  6. You aren't supposed to applaud at the end of movies????😭😭😭
  7. Hello! I don't quite know if this is the right section but I don't know if this is an option that isn't available for these forums or perhaps I am just not able to. But For the forums I would like to be able to upload pictures to my post from my computer or cellphone rather than copy and pasting a link. I wanted to share my food pic with Dag on a post and could not figure out a way to upload the picture without going to another site and hosting the pic. Other than that these forums are great and I have had no issues, ya'll have done an amazing job and should be proud of yourselves.
  8. LETS GO GUYS!!! TIME TO SHOW YOUR INNER NERD. LIST YOUR TOP FAVORITE ANIME!!!! Beyond a doubt mine is Yowamushi Pedal!!!!!
  10. A friend to all!!! But an enemy to everything.
  11. Hello welcome to my post Hi guys and gals! I am an avid gamer/anime nerd with an extensive repertoire of gaming experience. My favorite kind of games is probably survival with mmorpg being a second runner up. I enjoy grinding and ruining other peoples day. I have a knack for being annoying and quite tragically accurate. Be fair warned of your mom jokes before having a conversation with me as I will not let an easy hit go, kinda like... nvm..... I do thoroughly enjoy theory crafting and being an asset to the community. Hope to make plenty of frenemies!
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