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  1. I would like it that you don't need arrow to fire normally or with skills but that you could carry and equip special arrows that that would add large amount of damage or extra effect that is limited by the how much you can carry, i.e. one pouch carry's 30 arrow, which you would equip on your off hand but if you wanted more you could swap a shoulder piece for another pouch.
  2. Get Backers.... Uhmazing uhhh *shudder* now i must shower and clean off this weebness that i though I'd beat up and forgotten about
  3. koezpz

    Warrior Hopes

    I'm not too worried what sub classes the warrior has but I would like to see the warrior wield a greater range of weapons, for example sword and board I would like to swap out the sword for an axe or a one handed spear, or use a bastard sword(hand and a half sword) but only with a small shield. A warrior in my mind is proficient in using many weapons, and it should matter what weapon they use (but limited to melee one only as.. Ranger exist) the warrior skills and ability should work with any weapon they can hold. But duel wielding axes/short sword that can attack while in melee but can also be thrown with a skill when at range would be cool, especially if the enemy's have a flee mechanic
  4. I do like multi-class mechanics to build your own class by picking skills from two different classes (like titan quest/grim dawn does) but i don't know how well that would work in an mmo type game. I don't like the idea of swapping/changing your class later on in game, but I do like the idea of after a certain landmark of adding a couple ability/skills not of your class to your character. I wouldn't mine having race skills where you can pick one skill to use in your build that is unique to your characters race. I think your character should be the role you pick (your class), with the ability to add some skill (maybe even passive) that wont change your role but give your character some extra customization that would make your character seem more like your own, instead of just playing what put in front of you
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