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  1. Flying mounts is a great topic to discuss, however I am on the fence. I’ve seen some wonderful implementations of successful flying mounts and some horrendous ones. I think it comes down to what the developers are trying to achieve with their world. We would have to see many other factors to ultimately conclude whether it’s something worth having. I would love to return to this thread further down the road. 🙂
  2. No class switching, with limited specialization changing.
  3. I believe the game should be fair across all aspects of gameplay. Main objective is to stay away from p2w. Several people mentioned Albion's model which I think is the exact thing we should NOT go towards. XP boosts and resources boosts creates discrepancies between players. Those who are willing to pay extra will get an advantage which will snow ball and create a p2w environment. For example this is what can happen with just a simple benefit as having a resource boost with 2 players putting in the same game time: 20% more mats -> Allows player to have higher profit when selling/Faster process when crafting -> Influx in gold generates better gear/items -> Better gear at a faster pace will create power discrepancies. The player who is not paying is now very behind in power simply because of a 20% increase in mats. Adding XP boots as well as other game breaking benefits will ruin the ecosystem of the world and create the p2w environment. Creating a cosmetic only shop may not be enough income for a low population game. Flooding the shop with thousands of cosmetics may also hurt the shop because nothing will have that special feeling where you are willing to pay money for. Subscription based model such as $5 a month along with a cosmetic shop will allow developers to have a trackable income and provide extra options for people willing to buy cosmetics. It will allow better budgeting for new content and cosmetics which in turn will create quality content over quantity.
  4. It has to be configured on the devs end unfortunately. It should be a simple thing to fix though, as soon as a forum admin has time I'm sure they would be able to fix it.
  5. I agree with every point except difficulty should be uniform throughout all servers. Most games these days makes leveling a character extremely easy and time consuming (in a bad way). I would like to enjoy the journey leveling my character, meeting new players and struggling together. Vanilla WoW showcases this very well to an extent. At times it can feel grindy especially when you have to kill 10+ centaurs for a single bracelet. I love the fact that there are no dungeon finders/raid finders/hand holding; the good ole fashion meeting up with players to get things done.
  6. I believe it is because you are apart of the member group (default group). By default it allows you to see who reacted to your posts. Special roles (aka founder) has to be configured with the right permissions.
  7. I agree limiting the amount of players both in roster and in battles. Guild battles against massive guilds are never fun because of the shear player count discrepancy.
  8. Its possible to do it with Invision forum. I believe it is just a permission setting that has to be set per user group.
  9. I love the idea (besides the duration), but that would be quite difficult to balance around.
  10. These are valid money making ideas, but I disagree with all of them. Monetization is difficult in an MMORPG setting because you have to find the balance of creating a world where people can be invested in and feel apart of the world. Adding all these different ways to get items, discounts, and random tokens just takes away from the world.
  11. I am not sure if it’s only targeted for certain devices, but I’m currently on an iPhone X using safari. Loving the forum so far, just thought I’d share an oversight. Edit: Just realized I posted in the wrong section already 🤦‍♂️
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