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  1. blame

    Grind for gear

    the grind should be there, but not to the extend that all great gear is locked behind pve/pvp interactions. It would be cool if some gear or ''Extra stats'' would be atainable trough quest or task list. This will add some interaction to the world and keep some parts of the game more active. Instead of the raid entrance to be a hub of all, becouse everyone is there to git gud.
  2. the idea is more that it has to be a feat to pull of this attack. it shouldnt be easy, it has to be hard thus making the end so much more rewarding. im not talking a bout a attack that does 100-150% extra damage oooh no, more like 500% or in the ways of that. it has to be somthing dificult to achieve, but with a good team or great battle plan it can be done, but still hard to do.
  3. blame


    Alchemy for me is more of a combo skill. It uses magic and crafting to enhance an improve items and weapons. Or to imbue certain materials with powers and curses
  4. its not a attack that is meant to be used in the mids of the heat. More of a attack for when you made a opening and can use and defend that opening to do masive damage. If the pvp raids or wars against guilds are gona be batles of 5 minutes than yes 5 secs is okay, but than whats the point of having a monarchy system or guild wars at all? The raids are going to be to quick to enjoy and wars are nothing more than material snatches, to otherwise show you are the mightiest of the server.
  5. It is, but that's why it is so important tot use it wisely and not as another attack in your arsenal.. In that case it would just be to easy to use all the time. But this is just a concept so the time can always be shorter or longer 😛
  6. blame


    Blame is the name. And here to enjoy the game. I play all sort of games and have sunk most of them in Runescape. I love the fantasy kind of them (swords and magic). ... so thats me in a peanut shell.
  7. one small hint in the patch notes. the smith saw a wierd thing the other day. but wich smith and is it a smith now or was it once upon a time. Is it writen in a book somwhere? i would like that 🙂
  8. Hi all, What i would like to see is a spell/attack that requires a huge manna pool or sacrifice to perform. It would work like this. In a raid/boss battle you cast the spell and it will be broad cast in your area. Your character will rage in power/agony and a tower of light/blood will shoot up from the charracter. Then there will be a circle around the charracter of either red or blue {depends on a sacrifice or mana attack} in wich other players need to stand to heal or contribute in the mana pool. In case of a scarifice the caster needs to be healed fast or he will die and the attack will be wasted killing the caster in the process. With the manna attack the caster needs manna, the more people tribute to this the faster the attack will go of. In both cases the caster is rooted in place and unable to move or use any other attack or skill to free it self. The duration to power up the spell/attack should be a minimum of around 60 seconds, needing to realy think about where and when to use this spell and being able to survive it. For the deffending team it is key to act upon the broadcast/light or blood beam, or else they will suffer some great damages. In the end i hope it will create some interesting raids/guild fights where this spell could be a make it or brake it to win the fight. It will also encourage a sort of well organized plan or great team effort to pull of with high risk/reward potential. any and all comment is welcome.
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