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  1. I'm cool with it, and I'm even a "Founder" yet. Even if I never were it would be okay with me. But keep it to only those that got the game first, and for no "extra" money, and they are locked to that account and only one character on that account (if there will be multiple characters per account). Oh, and no one can get it after the fact, that's too close to p2w. It should be a reward for being an original, not a money making scheme. But try to balance it so that it helps them out in the long run, but doesn't make them super OP. Maybe an extra 1% - 5% defense/attack. So it is still relevant in late game but not overly so. I find that too much balance gets boring.
  2. Kaiser

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    Nah, kill super fast but also die super fast. Basically one-shot all the other squishies at the very least but get killed pretty quickly if they ever get in an actual "fight".
  3. Kaiser


    Stealth level pitted against perception level. With different classes having different base perception bonuses (rangers have high perception, warriors are low perception, etc.) And of course higher levels have higher perception and higher stealth so that a level 1 rogue can't escape detection from a level 50 whatever. And visa-versa a level 50 rogue can't be discovered by a level 1 whatever.
  4. Kaiser

    Rogue Hopes

    I'm hoping they have more of an Assassin. Super squishy, super stealthy and super powerful one-shots but almost useless in a straight fight. Perception counteracts stealth and of course any attacks made/damage taken kicks you out of stealth. Stealth in, hit for massive damage, escape or die. I'm just hoping for specialised classes again, where you need to form a party or you won't get far.
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