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  1. Can always send me recommendations in DMs or pinging me Discord: @IamEld3st#6446
  2. @TITAN As you can see my favorite currently is Bunny Girl Senpai... But among my best is High School DxD and Domestic na Kanojo... Manga... well I've lately got baited into reading korean toon... and it might bring me to read more manga as I've been neglecting that.. 😄
  3. Hey @Snowflakex Well... not really 😄 I did that at some point and still sometimes do a website... but I'm mostly doing c++ c# and some batch to do some system/server maintenance... sometimes build scripts with python aswell :'D
  4. Hello, my name is IamEld3st. I am a student doing CS, I have a freelance-ish job with computery stuff... as for free time well games and more computery stuff 😄 As for other interests... I may be a weeb days of watch time, can't confirm... Hope to enjoy running around in Oath with all of you! See you all o/ Sincerely your fellow weeb/gamer/dev
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