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  1. Be interesting to see if the game comes to fruition at this point. So much conspiracy going around and who knows what the actual truth is at this point
  2. Guess that makes me extra old. I started with Ultima Online. Believe WoW was my 3rd MMO experience.
  3. I always go to DAoC as my favorite style of PvP. Complete separation of PvE and PvP content. So I'd have to say I favor the zoned approach over a toggle. The worst for me is fully open PvP. I avoid the games that go that route, just not my cup of tea, especially with generally having only short bursts of playtimes available.
  4. The development I've heard on the classes is the base 6 and each of those have 3 sub-classes through use of skill trees. That gives us 18 classes and playstyles to pick from. I do believe the classes should stick to their traditional roles and not cross all over the place. They can't make everything require a party as there are always times during the day where you can't find people to group up with (if there are specific classes/abilities required to defeat an enemy). There's also the times where people only have a short time to play and if you have to spend the first 30 minutes of your time just standing around spamming chat with "lfg" or sitting in a group finder queue, it detracts from wanting to actually play the game. When it comes to PvP, what drew me to this game was that there wasn't going to be open world PvP everywhere. If you want that experience, virtually every MMO out right now has that. I like the prospect that I can freely quest and not get ganked and camped to the point where I get nothing done. Changing their presented path to favor more PvP would be a huge disappointment for me and would make my pledge a full waste of money.
  5. 😞 yeah I shouldn't expect otherwise
  6. Welcome to the club. You go stabby stab and I'll keep you alive. Just don't go running off too far away.
  7. Back in the WoW days when Burning Crusade came out I had a rogue that would dive bomb people in PvP. Rogues could fall a higher distance before taking damage, so I could fly above someone, dismount, stealth, hit the ground, and stun lock them to death. I'd place this as a decent advantage on the PvP side of things.
  8. Personally, the PvP I actually did enjoy was the DAoC setup. The PvP was a completely separate set of zones that was completely optional. The only penalty for dying was you had to run all the way back out to join the fight again. It was more a reward system of gaining in PvP rank which allowed more skills. If you were of low level, well that was the risk you took because you really didn't have to be out there for any reason other than PvP (there were the battleground zones of an appropriate level available). And with the three factions and keep sieges it made for some good nights of keep rotation and temporary alliances between the factions. But if I didn't have a lot of time to play and just wanted to do a few quests, I knew I could do them without threat of being ganked. Though later on they did add high risk, high reward quests that took place in the PvP zones. Often I only have a limited amount of time to play, so I'd like to be able to enjoy it and feel like it was productive. Then the days I have more time, maybe scrounge a group together and do some PvP. I've never been a fan of the style of mixing PvP and questing zones, just doesn't work out for me due to rl factors these days.
  9. Penalty for losing? So a low level player getting ganked by a high level player should lose something due to losing a fight they have zero chance of winning? That would sound like a policy to make people not ever want to play the game. Would need some form of level compare system with diminishing returns. Too much of a level spread gives a penalty to the high level player if they initiated the fight (unfair to penalize the high level player if the lower level started the fight). Give diminishing returns to discourage camping a single player. I guarantee there's no fair system that'll appease all parties and there are so many ways to cheat the rules. With that said, I believe full loot would be one of the worst ideas. Spending months farming a dungeon a bajillion times to get an item only to lose it on your first PvP death. That would be a good way to have people not play
  10. Glad to have you with us. Can we call you Bug instead 😄
  11. Quasxen

    Gear Drops

    The loot table should make sense for the mob that has been killed (we don't need no wolves dropping epic level pants and gold, they should have pelts (or allowed to be skinned if that's going to be a tradeskill to get the pelt)) Not sure if it's feasible, but would be pretty cool if the mobs dropped the gear they were wearing and wielding. Traditionally that's a single player game feature but it does add that realism to the game. Maybe I went to fight a mob because the armor he was wearing looked cool. So I want to kill him to be able to wear that armor
  12. Quasxen


    Welcome to all the fun and excitement. Hope you enjoy it here and stick around
  13. Quasxen

    Healer Main here

    Minstrel from DAoC could be pretty badass. They could be built to tame mobs and run around with them as a pet. Still remember one that would tame a high level mob and could wipe full groups while he was solo
  14. I've been bouncing between Pathfinder: Kingmaker, Pillars of Eternity, and Pillars of Eternity 2. Seems like as soon as I complete a playthrough of one, some new patch or expansion comes out for another. Eventually might get back to Sims 4. Course Pathfinder is dropping their enhanced edition on June 6th, so looks like I'm destined to go back there after the current run of Pillars of Eternity.
  15. Quasxen

    'Tis I!

    Oh, uh, hey there @Miti probably should acknowledge you in your own post, my bad 😄 Welcome to the fun
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