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  1. Are you going to reply and give us acsess?.... im a backer and have asked a few times to be put in disc?
  2. May request a refund its abit weird they have ignored us for this long?
  3. Still nothing mate idk wtf is going on....abit of a kick in the teeth for a pledger....
  4. Im the same how do you get into the discord?
  5. doedarius

    Warrior Hopes

    love me a good DPS class cannot wait for this game to come alive now!
  6. really wouldn't be a fan of flying mounts
  7. just DPS tbh mate......here to do damage pvp
  8. Before in discord I talked about duel/stakes where people would stake items money ect I think it would be a fun for riskers I’m basing this if somthing like runescape where is an area for this type of content.. just a suggestion
  9. I’m doedarius I’ve been waiting for seems like forever but now it’s here I love fourms!
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