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  1. Figured I'd compile a list of neat titles if you guys ever hit a designer block. titles should follow the standard pattern of [user] the [title] or [title] [user] etc depending on the title. Exploration Dungeons Player-vs-Player Misc
  2. G'day folks. I'm a 22yo computer scientist and graphic designer(hobby), having dropped the former for a year or so now. @Itsbxd and I were both in the runescape private server community prior to us coming here and were both e-crayon users. That being said, his work is genuinely on another playing field in another country on another planet. I'll let him do the honors of posting his own work on his own thread, but him and another mutual friend were the ones that originally got me into wanting to design stuff but I could never find the motivation to keep at it for more than a couple of years. Anyways, here's some of the stuff I did back then. big stuff
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