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  1. Kiwii

    Forum reactions

    uf that didnt work as intended 😄 (what I tried to show is that it works fine for me)
  2. Kiwii

    Forum reactions

    Hm I am sorry I cant help you. You might have been unlucky and the forum system is failing you. for me it worked from the start without setting any special settings: Notifications Xploit reacted to a post in a topic QnA with Stephen #1 8 hours ago Astrobinary commented on Forum reactions 12 hours ago Trick quoted you in a topic: Forum reactions 12 hours ago FeveredDreamer quoted you in a topic: Grind for gear 13 hours ago NodOff and FeveredDreamer commented on Grind for gear
  3. Kiwii

    Grind for gear

    I see. Fair enough! You must be pretty excited for oaths combat then 😉
  4. Kiwii

    Grind for gear

    I was totally on board except for the last three words 😜 I dont understand.. Was it the lack of trinity in the beginning that threw you off? Because now with specialisation and raids they do have niche roles developed for tanks, supports, healer, dps both condition and power. Otherwise the combat is one of the best in mmos out there. Its the only part that kept me playing that game for longer.. But put this comment in ( ). Its not supposed to be a discussion on GW2. So dont bother aboout I guess..
  5. Kiwii

    Forum reactions

    I am not sure if I understand correctly..Dont you see in your notifications who reacted to your postss? I have it that way. Did you check the notifcation options?
  6. Kiwii

    Grind for gear

    Interessting reads here! I think you are right. No grind at all isnt a solution. At least not for all game modes, which isnt what I had in mind in the first place. Pve, open world pvp etc: grind should be there. The extent is debatable. I would argue for rather less than more, since I dont enjoy it very much. But I would argue that especially in more strucutred pvp modes there should be little to no grind for gear. Similarly in gw2 you can grind for gear in pve and WVW to min/max, while spvp gear is totally free, you are max lvl, etc. In my opinion that is the best approach to take. People who enjoy grinding for gear can do that, while in the game mode where it should not matter, it doesnt.
  7. Personally I get annoyed after hearing the same line over and over again. If they implement this idea, i would recommend that only the rarer and more powerful/important attacks will be voice acted.
  8. I agree. I want the combat to be about skill at your class, knowledge about encounters etc and not about farming gear for hours..
  9. Kiwii

    Grind for gear

    I am not sure whether this already has been discussed, but I would like to talk about the topic anyways.. I am suggesting that oath doesnt make you grind for gear and stats; only for cosmetics! The combat looks like great fun. I hope that being good at the game means skill with your class, rather than hours of grind you put into farming stats.. What do you guys think?
  10. You wrote PVP/PVP in the title.. I just mention it, in case tht wasnt a trap for pvp only people 😜
  11. Kiwii

    Fun Mounts

    Mounts often are only a faster way of transportation, which is fine, but they can be so much more! I would suggest that you take a look at GW2s mount system, because those mounts are unique, fun and interactive (and a good source for future income for your company via skins). Griffon mount in GW2 with several different flying mechanics to reach high speed and regain height: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IshZ-j4yDQA
  12. Kiwii

    Warrior Hopes

    I am hoping for telegraphed skills with a lot of CC and mobility.
  13. Kiwii


    Gw2 invisibility is also not a problem. You can include mechanics like reveal. Of course you have to make sure that one shots from perma stealth arent possible.
  14. Kiwii

    Rogue Hopes

    i am hoping for high mobility, fast attacks and high outplay potential through evading attacks, jukeing and kiting, while being squishy. The gameplay in the trailer looks promising 🙂
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