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  1. Hello, fellow gamers. I am Lasermonkey, or you can call me Brooks, I am 29/m/AZ. Long time mmo'r. Guild wars from beginning till gw2, City of Heroes till it shut down. Love me some pvp and PvE, was addicted to WvW and GvGs in gw2 till the scene died. Current addiction is ESO(necro hype!) Work full time, I mostly feed the addiction on weekends and sometimes if free, on weekday nights aswell. Happy to see how this game comes together with all of you!
  2. Summoner or priest, I normally role a healer but I like Pet classes too. Especially if they can play as an off support while still getting some dps out. I love me a bit of dual spec'ing
  3. I just like being able to get that physical damage from afar, if they have branching paths maybe 1 can go hunter with a pet while others try different approaches. Crossbow or short bow maybe?
  4. I would take any of the 3 or what ever they come up with 😁
  5. I have no clue how the class will play in this game compared to others. But can't wait to find out!
  6. Ayyyy. Let's go. For once I want a year to go by fast.
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