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  1. I feel this is just people placing blame on anyone but the person actual participating in the activity and getting mad about the results. If by some chance this passes in the US video game companies that have used pay to win or lootboxes will just find another way to take "advantage" of their players.
  2. My two cats Vdara and Caesar Chica in the backyard
  3. I did back Bless but not counting that. I've pledged to Ashes of creation and Pantheon. Mostly just hoping that out of Ashes, Pantheon and Oath I can find a new MMO home. Thanks for the welcome.
  4. I would rather spend 100 a month on a good MMO than have any form of cash shop ( truly cosmetic only could be an exception. )
  5. TipsyGaymer

    Mage Hopes?

    I'd love to see necromancer branch or just an entire necromancer class. Some epic spells! It is so disappointing when I am max level and my spells look like I am level 1. Be neat to see ritual magic as well.
  6. The game of life. Mostly single player games during some down time...waiting for a MMO to come rescue me
  7. Hello! Figured I'd pop in and say Hi. Looking forward to seeing where Oath goes. Hopefully one out of the 3 MMOs I've pledged to works out. *Fingers crossed* ( might be crossing mah balls too )
  8. Of course flying can be awesome, but i feel that it does more bad than good. They can make a world seem empty as you will eventually reach a point where everyone has a flying mount. This can be quite a negative experience for new players. I do think that having limited flying mounts as a reward is not as impactful and it gives people a nice goal to work towards...even if its only temporary.
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