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  1. Consul of Eluna is a guild that has an intense focus on loyalty to the guild and helping each other as much as we can. Being part of the Consul of Eluna, you can expect to find yourself alongside others with your shared interest in forming a solidified, well-maintained guild that keeps the interest of its members in mind always. Sharing resources and stockpiles throughout the guild keeps a tight-knit core of players dedicated to progressing both individually and as a group, allowing us to promote camaraderie and rapport between guild members. The main focus of this guild is to maintain a bolstered, fortified stronghold in the midst of potential enemies and all threats, unwavering in our defense. Within the walls, we promote a flourishing economy of craftsmanship, art, culture, and conviviality. Thank you for your consideration of joining Consul of Eluna! The server's picture we chose is the Korwin coat of arms. It is a symbol of ancient royalty and chivalry reigning from Samartian and Roman descent. The story goes that a Roman General named Marcus Valerius moved his army against a tribe of barbarians in 349 BC. Before the battle began, a barbarian of great size and strength approached the Roman cavalry and challenged anyone to a single combat. When General Valerius stepped forward to accept the challenge, a raven flew from a nearby tree and perched on top his helmet. The raven attacked the barbarian's eyes so gruesomely with its beak that the barbarian could no longer see. General Valerius slew the barbarian without travail and was named "Corvinus" from the Latin Corvus, meaning "raven." The specific coat of arms in the picture is from Count Jaguschinski, Polish Nobleman entitled as Count in the Russian Empire in 1731. https://discord.gg/CTZp6qt
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