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  1. Theurgist in DAOC was funny ^^
  2. Love summoners !!! 😉 Need news ^^ Tiff, you're talking about GForces in FFVIII ? (Really fond of FFVIII ^^) There are really really bigs summons 😉
  3. I don't like when people are too independent. There are differents roles, it's really pleasant for a healer to feel himself useful saving lives. If DPS are too independent, healers won't be useful. In a MMO, I'm looking for playing with others. Then I prefer keeping DPS for damage, healers for healing and tanks for...well...taking slaps ^^
  4. I think, fast travel, teleportation to dungeon, etc... kills communication between players. I don't want to say it was better before 😉 I really love modern MMOs. But one thing is really true, when I started, as we haven't got maps, fast travel, etc... you couldn't survive without asking others players for tips, help,... the famous general channel was really active, and everybody knew that you had to play hand in hand ! I love that. But flying is a dream for a lot of people ^^ Including myself. Then, It could be cool in my opinion to have a possibility to fly but just for a limited time, trying to reach always a place a little more higher ^^ Then not for traveling, but more for exploring. Or just be able to glide. Same point of view, for exploring purpose, and just eyes pleasure.
  5. Hi everyone ! I'm Eraeldor, I'm playing MMOs since 2003. My first, Dark Age of Camelot, several hours passed on it. I've played several MMOs since, but I've never really found a place to stay. I hope I'll fall in love with Oath and his community 😉 I'm also fond of music, cinema, sports,... love Capoeira, and I've got a little furret, Kaerell 🙂 As you can see, my english is a little bad, I'm french... feel free to correct me but be kind ^^ For the first time, I'll try to be really active and follow the development and the community of this game. So, it's really nice to meet you all, and see you soon !!! Eraeldor 😘
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