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  1. haha yeah its BS Gotta fight the system!!!!!!!!
  2. you never win.. you never will.. lol
  3. ah the o'l sneaky sneaky stabby stabby class... i my self am more the ... "OMG WHY THE HECK YOU RUN IN THAT ROOM BY YOUR SELF" *spammm healz I am not a bad healer ..they just make stupid moves.... *kicked from group* *cries in corner and ponders how to cure dumb people with his limited healing arsenal *
  4. hahahaha ❤️ you are welcome here than !
  5. <.< Toxic talk evil *hisss* We must love and cherish the magic forums.. Praise the magic forums.. Internet goood... Coffee goood.. Sleep badd..... *steps away slowly...*
  6. welcome stale! I like responding to forums.. it's an addiction....
  7. I already have a list of people I would like to see die in a dungeon haha.. All though my healing code is an honorable one, and I'd probably heal them on my code regardless... Healer life challenges ..meh
  8. These are the ones that fit my life style perfectly lmao
  9. That is a necromancer and would be a different class..Summoners don't normally summon demons, and things of those natures such as that class would do.. At least in the classic lore since that I am thinking... Don't they summon mystical animals, and spiritual things? At least that is what I think of when I hear the word summoner..
  10. Rubbish I am not allowed to add any more reactions today 😞 I been on the forum to long lmao. Any way this is kind of why I miss Oregon. I moved to Florida... However, in Oregon I lived in a city called Portland. Portland had sooooo many coffee shops, donut shops, food carts, and more! I truly miss biking around there.. Such good times. Thanks for bringing back those memories 🙂 Truly made my morning. All through bike talk haha.
  11. Welcome to our magical forums! I have to admit I am a little jealous of the bike riding.. I need to get a new bike.. I miss getting out on the streets and going on adventures!
  12. Skill point and a progression system similar to Old school World of Warcraft creates some interesting elements, but what would be cool is some mystery added to the mix. Maybe something new..Like for instance if you fail a certain quest line you would be unable to learn certain abilities. On the opposite end of that if you succeed you'd gain an ability you didn't have the chance to learn and progress through. Not something that would be game changing and make you over powered. However, something that could benefit you slightly. I expect that this game will have something we are already familiar with and don't expect much else. Who knows, they could always shock us with something unique. I am up for anything.
  13. The perfect MMO for me would follow some elements of historical accuracy while also diving into the depths of fantasy. I love MMO's that do not contain cash shops. Yes, I am aware this game will have a cash shop. I have to be hesitant about that concept with this game. I love MMO's that have a story. Something deep we can dive into, and really feel we have an impact on. I love MMO's that capture, expand, and expand our imagination. I love MMO's that really push artwork, and design. I love MMO's that make me feel as if what I am doing within the MMO actually has a purpose, a goal, a change on the planet that I am adventuring in. These along side the normal elements of PVP and PVE. Warfare, and hardcore grinding.. Make the perfect MMO.
  14. Nice to meet yeah.. You said ask anything...so...What are your thoughts on chocolate and peanut butter ? lol.. I feel like being random and different get used to it...
  15. Welcome Miti, It's nice seeing faces from all over our lovely planet! I will take it you plan on being DPS in this lovely game?
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