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  1. Lol. Changing the game completely from what was sold on the Kickstarter would be a bad move for sure This is coming from someone who likes open world PvP games. The fact of the matter is, that isn’t what Oath is. You should check out fractured though, I think it’s more in line with what you’re looking for
  2. I didn’t read the whole thread, but it’s already been stated that there will not be entire open world PvP. And that’s pretty well established and I don’t think it’ll change. Guilds that are at war may see open world PvP, who knows
  3. Then if I had to argue it, I’d say it’s because it’s a PvP game. 🙂 Just saying, it’s flimsy arguments all around. It all boils down to opinion and personal bias. I just really hope the arena will allow “stakes” to be placed. Always loved duels with a purpose
  4. You missed my entire argument, nice! My point is that you could flip it and say not everyone wants to PvE, why should that lock them out of rewards? edit: haha, just realized that wasn’t my quote 😛 Many people are of the opinion that buying things at the market isn’t good enough. I have no opinion on the matter. The problem with toggle PvP isn’t that no one wants to do it, it’s the lack of concentration. Spreading PvP outside of a zone makes it rare for people to come across each other for a fight. Allowing non PvP flagged players into a PvP zone causes clutter that adversely affects the PvP dynamic. It becomes a “so many players I come across are PvE, why should I even bother?” Lose lose all around. It’s best just to keep zoned PvP in the traditional sense. PvE minded players never have to set foot in the instance, and PvP players are left happy. Now that’s a win win
  5. Who said anything about different difficulties? There could be PvE mobs that are just as formidable as the PvP zone I’ve said it multiple times... but RuneScape did it best lol edit: To play devils advocate though, I’ve never understood the argument of PvP zone must be found in PvE zone. With that logic, should all PvE be found in the PvP zone? 😜 To be clear, that’s not what I would ever advocate for. I think it’s fair that PvP zone resources are found in PvE, the difficulty just has to be similar. And on the same vein, I would never want PvE clutter in the PvP zone. Select PvE in PvP is great.
  6. Zones always work better for PvP. Simple fact, toggle PvP is dead PvP I’ve said this before, but RuneScape had one of the best PvP systems I’ve come across.
  7. No rewards, and I’m down. The true reward is sacking a guilds town or wiping the floor with others in PvP, thus profiting from their spoils... etc.
  8. I personally liked good ol’ runescapes way of handling it: The majority of the world was safe in PvE. There was a “wilderness” zone that had worthwhile resource nodes for those who wished to venture out. These resource nodes were found throughout the normal world as well. There were also npc mobs with some nice drops. In the wilderness every person automatically protected the 3 most valuable items on their person. If you attacked someone in this zone (unprovoked, they didn’t attack you), you would become flagged for x time. Each time you attack a person, the flag timer resets. When flagged, you lose ALL items. There was a combat skill called prayer, that had various bonuses... but one of them was to allow for the protection of an additional item. You could only attack or be attacked by someone within a certain range of your level. So no level 100s ganking 20s What did this mean for the system? Often you would find pvpers would hunt down pkers, since they would be the most lucrative. Why kill someone for some cowhides, when there’s shiny combat loot up for grabs? It was a really fun and balanced system, most definitely not intrusive to PvErs, they never had to set foot in there to begin with.
  9. Pluto


    Mid 2020 😉 Although, who wouldn’t be down for mid 2019 haha
  10. Gah, been searching for the thread but I could have sworn there was a bit of a discussion on their thoughts with gear. Didn’t seem to be horizontal, which is fine by me. Horizontal progression is extremely difficult to get right, and make it feel good. My hope for Oath is a modern day RuneScape 🙂. People like loot and feeing like their trials and tribulations have meaning haha Edit: So rather than having horizontal progression, I think it’s important to have meaningful gameplay at every stage of the game. Which means you don’t need to be best in slot or whatever to enjoy yourself
  11. It doesn’t really seem like Oath is going towards horizontal progression. You could check out Fractured MMO, though. Seems like precisely what you’re looking for in regards to progression
  12. Pluto


    I don’t think there will be a “kill x players to get y artificial gear” I imagine things will work pretty similar to the original runescape. I’d imagine anyways (and hope)
  13. A note on progression for PvP: I’d really like to see the ability for min/maxing a character for PvP. In runescape, I remember there were countless builds below max that people would shoot for. This is obviously only instigated if people can only attack around their levels, at least in certain areas. Which I think is a fair system all around
  14. Yeah, I really like gear with different modified attributes. It’s a great feeling when you finally snag your favorite weapon that meshes with your play style Obviously the gear base should remain the same, but small tweaks to make things interesting 🙂 It’s also nice knowing your gear is slightly unique from the person next to you.
  15. Haha, that’s more than me. I’m following/testing more games than I am actually playing (finished products). The next 4 years or so there are going to be a lot of neat games coming out.
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