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  1. Hallo there, So I've been scouring around looking for good MMORPGs and have played a fair share of them. My favorite was Dragon Nest before it turned bad. Just found this game on YouTube and thought it looked cool and it reminded me of Dragon Nest. Pretty much it. Looking forward to playing this whenever it's out. Currently playing: Albion Online (sorta trying this out) Apex Legends (don't play as much since it's getting too easy) Black Desert Online (sorta trying this out too) CS:GO (was MG2 but I play casual now, don't really try as much) Dark Souls III (hahahahaha, on hold for now since I die and tilt a lot) Dragon Quest 11 (finished like 65% on the game so far) League of Legends (currently Gold 1) Monster Hunter World (haven't touched any new content) Path of Exile (struggling to find currency rn) PUBG (play sometimes with friends whenever bored) Cheers, Lucs
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