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    Please excuse my terrible grammar and lack of punctuation marks <3 I know it would be a bit of work but i would love if instead of it being like wow where you get to lvl 15 and just click arcane for example and boom you're an arcane mage. instead when you get to the level where you choose after you have learnt and done quest from the starting zone for your race you pick up a quest from the class trainer to find a new master for your subclass, in this scenario we are a mage. So your Basic mage trainer asks what kind of magic you wanna do. Lets say you wanna be a Cryomancer. You have to travel up to the far North to a very cold part of the land like greenland cold. You meet your new trainer there and you become a Cryomancer apprentice, Do quests for him, He teaches you new spells, all that good stuff. and after completing the questline (should be a decent length imo) you finally offically become a Cryomancer and he sets you off into the world to level and learn on your own. or if you wanted to be a Pyromancer you travel to like a Volcano island (If you have seen the avatar it maybe could be like where Roku stopped the volcanos from destroying the island). With Necromancer (please add Necromancer) you travel to somewhere and study with an old pale dude in a basement filled with books and learn there (ofcourse the whole questline wont be there). And you could do all the different Subclasses, With Knights/Blademasters and all those maybe going to like a knightschool thingy or with the classic old war dude that is too old for fighting and prefers to drink tea and relax. Thief/Assassin in the Underbelly of a big city maybe, Hunter/Ranger in the forest ofcourse. And you shouldnt be allowed to reroll your Subclass without making a new character, maybe its just me liking rp but i want my Character to have substance, a story, Depth and feel a connection with her, if i studied Necromancy i cant just give it up for some lame ice or fire if i feel like it, then the whole questline and time spent learning from my master wouldnt feel like you know it mattered or whatever a good word for it is. (im not the best in english) I want my Character to have you know its own lore, i Chose Necromancy, i studied it, i didnt just press necromancy and boom im a necromancer, i earned it, and i dont want the option to just change to a Cryomancer if i felt like it. If i wanna be a Cryomancer i should make a new character. So all in all i know it would be alot of work but i would really like to Travel to the North if i wanna learn how to control ice, not just pick it, or be teleported there, but do the journey, i dont want it to be handed to me ^^ Sorry for the long post, ill stop now before i continue rambling about it xD
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    Yeah I mean if we don't get 50+ skills to use this could work and I would probably enjoy it, as long as it's not too hard. But as you said the skills need to be worth something.
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    Project Gorgon did this and its pretty cool. Like others have mentioned, though, the main downsides is that it means there are lots of skills that take forever to unlock (in some high level map elsewhere, or have dependencies on other skills). But the game is enjoyable enough for me that this downside isn't too bad, and unlocking new skills becomes part of the game's experience instead of just something that gets unlocked to the player instantly. A short anecdote: So Project Gorgon has a Necromancy skill that I wanted ever since I first began playing the game. To unlock it, you must defeat a boss in the game's first main dungeon, however unless you're really powerful this usually requires multiple people. I had trouble finding a group due to the small playerbase of the game, but eventually I teamed up with 2 other people when farming in this dungeon and we went on an adventure into the tougher areas of it. We had a good time defeating the bosses and getting EXP, and then we reached the final boss, defeated him, and went into the back room to the altar that gives you Necromancy and unlocked it. The experience of getting the Necromancy skill was fun, something I'd happily do again, which wouldn't have happened if I was just given it out of the blue. It also helps build community when the challenges required to complete certain things (such as unlock skills) require multiple people to complete. I'd be totally down to have things be unlocked this way, however I would think the devs are probably too far in with the current game design (whatever that is) to implement this new one. I'm sure they could still apply these principles elsewhere, they just wouldn't be as effective.
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    I agree with Lyrexio, this sounds way better than talking to a NPC and simply buying your new/better skills with money or in this case to get a different subclass. I also prefer to have a connection to my character on which I am going to spend a lot of time on. And having to achieve stuff to actually improve my class/walk a different path is establishing a deeper connection to your character. As long as you "are into that stuff" at least. Edit: It can be annyoing, especially for those who don't want to progress through a lot of stuff before they can access new classes. To counter the problem of having to create a new character because you didn't know about the different subclasses you can have a small tutorial or just a NPC which tells you which path you can choose with your current class.
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    You will be able to play Oath on the Mac OS, yes
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    Mid 2020 😉 Although, who wouldn’t be down for mid 2019 haha
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