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    I've played a few mmos over the years with fishing and have yet to see one with a fishing system that has any kind of depth robot. I really feel out of all the life skills a mom can have fishing has the most potential for fun that has yet to be realized. So here's my suggestion on a fishing system inspired by a few actual fishing games I've played over the years. Move mouse back and forth to change direction of cast. Left mouse button to cast, hold it down to increase power of cast. After cast move mouse back and forth to move bait to try to attract fish and avoid snags. If a fish bites use right mouse button to set the hook. Once the hook has been set use right button to reel in the fish. From here you have 2 power meters to worry about the stamina of the fish and the strength of your line. Reel in to fast and your line will break, reel in to slow and you take the chance of the fish moving your line to a snag point plus just taking longer than needed. Once the fish has zero stamina left though you can pretty much reel in to your hearts content. Pressing the right mouse button will reset the hook increasing your line strength slightly but has a CD. Once your fish is close enough the right mouse button will become the net button instead to land the fish.
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    Though I understand where you're coming from though usually Healers and Tanks are pretty OP in pvp anyways as they usually have decent enough damage not obviously as good as dps but decent damage mixed with their defense/heals. Ofcourse overall though it's very difficult to say if a mechanic like you suggested would be needed till we play the game as healers could be very easy to take down, dps could be op, etc So maybe it's a little early for a suggestion like this currently?
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    Id like to see an electrical ''spec'' for the mage
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    I'd love to see necromancer branch or just an entire necromancer class. Some epic spells! It is so disappointing when I am max level and my spells look like I am level 1. Be neat to see ritual magic as well.
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    I like this idea. If they were able to find a cool way to potentially allow us to make mobile, quick casting CC mages then that would be very interesting to see
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    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Promised Neverland Parasyte Goblin Slayer Steingate Last Exile Moribito Eureka Seven Your Name Just to name a few, since I can't pick just one.
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    Elemental builds depending on the strength and weaknesses of the fights/boss fights. Fire, mastery on damage over time water/ice, mastery on crowd control/freezes wind, mastery on mobility and movement earth, mastery in regenerative/hybrid I guess there should also be non elemental attacks too for pure damage like mana blast, mana missile, mana etc before picking mastery. Just my thoughts.
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    Being totally dependent isnt fun either. I hope for soft borders in the trinity.
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    just gonna write things i would like to have in the summoner class and mention all things that all other games makes it wrong in my opinion! 1: does not use a normal staff-wand since would be pretty standard/cliche where all magic classes uses both of those weapons!. you guys can go with Book style summoning weapon, or a handcrafted magic gloves jewel/orb for a more minimalist detail example of magic gloves style weapon : 2: being able to handle more than one summon at the same time(as full time summon), (since again other cliche in all summon types games only allows for one summon at the same time), so we can COMBO summons and skills making all the gameplay more complex! and of course both summons should affects each other in their interactions of skills/buffs and also the player can not have all the "types" because of talents-skill points and so on. EXAMPLE: two "normal" summons that we can ALSO sacrifice for a time limited ultimate summon for players that likes to play with summon + using base skill/magic of the class itself! thus having diversity multiple and builds as well going in advancement for example of: 2.1:full summoner that have mainly talents and skills focused on two or more summons at the same time! 2.2: or a summoner who likes to use-sacrifice his summons for a super BUFF and uses his OWN magic skills or play with ultimate summon+ his own magic skills at the same time! 3: (i know i already said this before but is good to mention again) As advancement class we could go multiples paths where one focus on the base two summons (always maintaining two summons) and the other allows for a ultimate summon+magic skills from the caster path for players that want that type of "wizard + pet gameplay because sometimes you just want a summon but also to kickass yourself so a sacrificing type summoner x buff is a good option ) of course if the games have more than two advancement paths, we can always go for a complete ultimate summon type; a multiple summon path; full sacrifice summon for selfbuff and use his own skills path; and why not a fully healing type summons path as well, since only have cleric as healing is boring!. each path have his own DIFFERENT GAMEPLAY STYLE but all of them in the SUMMONING LORE and would be a blast to play without doubt.
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    I usually prefer archer/ranger class, to hit fast, but low dmg per hit. With a few skills that can hit hard. slows/stuns. Oh and, evade on archer should be some kind of flip, with cc-immunity while in the air. I dislike mmo's that make it a roll and stuff like that on archers.
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    no fuck that, let me have 12 hotbars with 12 abilities on each so I can fully utilize my keyboard /s
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    That's what discipline priest is in warcraft, you put a buff on allies and they are healed for a percentage of your damage
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    Ever see the mage healer (Chloromancer) from Rift? They were pretty fun to play. They healed the party by doing damage to enemies
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