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    saves que las class basicas serian Pesca/Mineria/Herbolista clases como suplementarias seria forja/sastre/hoyero/ la tecerra clases elementalista seria Alquimista/Cheft/magipaper descripcion de magipaper seri una donde haces pergas para suvir el mas de una armadura o arma asi la armadura y arma cambia de colo solo son idea pero no claras jajaja
  5. si bro apenas esta en desarrollo ellos trabakan son humanos no es que quiera ofender sin ellos los creadores no somos nada por ellos es que vivimos los juegos online
  6. yo aqui del lunes 29 de junio del años 2020 esperando esta maravilla de juego cuando salga
  7. estan hermosas las imagenes y como va inplementado el juego solo espero que al lanzamiendo dela beta demuestre mas imaginacion alas nuevas idea sigan trabajando asi los amiro
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  9. The game hasn't been released yet, man.
  10. How do I get the game I go to the website and I don’t see a download button
  11. I see, someone already reserved a place - mind if I ask for the same thing? 😄 Would be more than happy to join once I am able to play this game, really looking forward to grinding it ❤️ Although there is probably a difference between a Founder asking for an reservation & a normal user - anyway, I'll be hoping for an reply. (In case the people here still reply, this post is not quite the newest)
  12. The game hasn't released yet, and it will probably take a while, considering that not even the first alpha came out.
  13. hi guys! I'm from Russia) I saw a video about the game on YouTube, but I still can't understand, the game is out? sorry, I don't speak English well
  14. I dont think they monitor these forums there is a post some guy put up to advertise his reptile selling business last year and it has not been deleted. We are just yelling into the void here.
  15. The alpha did not come out in December so we have no idea.
  16. https://imgur.com/dDuxOL1 can i get backer tag in the discord plz?? :(((((((((( notice me admin senpai
  17. Any news about the game? it has been a while we didn't hear from the devs. Just lets us know please what's happening
  18. Esperando con muchas ancias 😄
  19. I was imagining a type of mobs invasion of a place like a city, for example. It would be a type of event that would happen from time to time, probably from week to week. A relatively large group of mobs from a certain region would try to dominate a certain territory, and if they did, the NPCs in that territory would simply disappear, incapacitating the player from using things like item production, which would be possible because of the NPCs in that territory. Players in that region would be alerted to the invasion a few minutes before the mobs arrive, so that they have some time to prepare. If the players win the battle against the mobs, they would benefit in some way from the city/territory they defended. I think that would be very interesting, and a lot of fun, possibly increasing collaboration between players.
  20. Sopa de macaco aqui. E eu achando que era o único brazilian que aguardava por esse jogo...
  21. tenemos alguna posibilidad de jugar al juego?
  22. I know there was drama and I don't care, I just want to see this game live and the development in the discord, PLEASE LET ME IN!!!! If not it's OK but I will be sad waiting in the distance.
  23. As a fan for all things mmorpg OATH looks perfect but on the discord i havent seen
  24. The discord group has the information that the first alpha version would come out in December 2019, but when the game will be available to the public, not even the developers know
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