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  4. Hello guys, I am new. Hope we can all play soon. Cheers!
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  6. This is from 6 months ago.
  7. The last concept I heard is the Pledge packs with KS rewards will no longer be available around the time the video comes out, this was to give people a chance to see more about Oath prior to switching to traditional supporter packs. The big differences will be no kickstarter exclusive rewards will be available in these "supporter" packs, however full details and exact dates are yet to come.
  8. I’m not sure if the topic was created correctly, but can someone tell me if there is any information about how long Pledge Pack will be sold? To what date / month / project stage / etc ? Will the contents of the Pack change or will new ones appear?
  9. Good evening everyone, will the summoner really be in the game? Is there any information or its concepts? I am very interested in this class. ^,....,^
  10. I dont have any audience but i can steam for my country. I'am from turkey and not so many people know this game. I will glad to share it.
  11. Hiya, Im not gonna come up with a bunch of spells but ill give some examples at the end. Battle Mage: Melee with some midrange stuff Gear: Leather(?) Weapon: Spear imo They would be a kinda fast moving and very fast attacking hybrid damage class doing huge combos with all sorts of different low cd skills proficient in single target damage and dueling and maybe have them be affiliated with dragons since i feel like that would fit well. The main core concept of the class is to have them be like a tornado gradually gaining speed. They would mainly have short cooldown simple spells but ofcourse a mix of both. The Class would have an ability with an Active and a Passive, The Passive being when they attack (spells and basic attacks i think) They would gain a stack, increasing their attack speed, cooldown reduction, (probably some other stuff just still figuring out what would be balanced) and start Converting 0.5/1/whatev/% of their physical damage to magical damage and vice versa and the max would be 50%. And then when they reach full stacks they are either forced or have the option to (still not sure) use the stacks to increase the stats even more and a 5/10/whatev/% increase in physical and magical damage, so the attacks and spells would do 55% physical and 55% magical resulting in a 10% increase in damage basically. Some spell examples (again, i think its best to mostly keep the spells fairly simple for a class like this but im not a game dev so i might be 100% wrong) all of these deal damage ofcourse, just dont wanna write ''dealing damage'' Double Stab: Stabs twice in quick sucession(?) and has a % chance to cause the enemy to bleed (and maybe slowed) Dragon Stab: Stabs and stuns for a very short while, barely a second Sky Strike(?): Hits the enemy in a way that makes them airborne - Will also maybe have skills that can jump up and attack the person in the air Dragon Strike: Charges forward a short distance and then stabs with his spear, reducing their armor (and maybe slows) No idea namewise: For a x second (maybe 10 idk) duration all spells and attacks summon a magic/element orb behind you temporarily increasing x stat and after the duration shoots towards your last target (not sure if these should deal inital damage or not but Fire increase physical damage and reduces healing/gives them a burn dot when shot. Ice increase armor and slows when shot. Water increases magical damage and heals you when shot (shoots ally with the least health including you). Air increases atk speed or movement speed and when shot it knocks the enemy up into the air. Earth im not sure.) It doesnt need to be elemental, can be anything just the easiest thing to understand for now. Just a few simple spells and a more complex one that really suits and adds to the battle mage style. I will also use this post to just straight up copy paste a few ideas i typed out in the discord, i wrote these pretty fast so no detail basically just the general core concept of the class. Warlock/necromancer ish Dark Magic - Class Ideas: warlock aoe cc control focused (cool spell idea is a giant gate to death that pulls all enemies near towards it and deals damage) instead of the usual just dark magic that deals damage, would be fun with a class focused on cc with access to large scale control spells and for necromancer probably a subclass to summoners with dark summons. Weapon could be Staffs, Scepters/Wands or maybe a Sacrificial type of knife/dagger. - Punch guy/Brawler/whatev - Melee class focused on single target dueling with good self sustain, decently tanky and consistant dps, no big up or downtime imo except for counterattacks/punishers. Could have Subclasses of different fighting styles maybe and that would decide if they are more tanky or more damage oriented. Weapon is a bit hard, im not a big fan of big metal type gauntlet stuff, so i cant rly think of a good weapon that could be flashy and not just invisable. - Phantom/Demon/Ghost Swordsman - Dont have a full idea about this one but maybe he like can summon Ghosts or something that debuffs/buffs/damages/cc the enemies/allies he targets or maybe in a big zone while he fights with them. Maybe think of the old yorick but not corpses and alot more interesting ones like maybe a Poison that when it hits them they take %health damage and get a little slowed or like an old samurai demon that boosts your/allies physical damage while near him/them and fun utility things like that.
  12. But it doesn't show the new art/style. Stephen said a new video with updated graphics should come this month.
  13. Fair point, but I believe the assumption is that people who invest in the game aren’t malicious. Even with 10 accounts; that would be only 30 votes, while costing about 250$. In my opinion, people who want to sway the vote would not find that a smart investment. (Especially with the hopeful influx of new backers after the next video)
  14. Lyrexio

    Art style

    Im sorry to say but none of that style will remain. However, did you see the previews of the 3D models and the gifs of the updated world art? They’re still extremely unique and very well made.
  15. Correct Dec is the Alpha 1 release not the full game.
  16. I'm curious as to how the vote point system will be kept fair. For example I bought the $500 pledge which entitles me to 6 vote points which is great and all but what is stopping someone from buying 3 $25 pledge packs and instantly having a bigger say and input than myself in the community despite only having spent less than 20% of what I did? How will vote points work and will people buying multiple cheap packs opposed to one bigger one have them at a significant imbalance when it comes to voting on future development of the game?
  17. Having a single server similar to Albion Online would be nice although I understand if logistically that's not possible. I'm a fellow Australian as well and would love to play without being forced into an NA server like most other games.
  18. There's a video already available.
  19. Baxterious

    Art style

    Just here to say that I love the current art style that videos of the game show. I know that current 3D models were said to be temporary but I'm really hoping that the style stays the same. The polygon count and colours used on models gives the game a really unique atmosphere and feel.
  20. Let's see what everyone's favourite colour is. 😉
  21. Let the chaos begin.
  22. Unsure of whether I'll be posting Oath content yet. I'll make a decision once the game is in a playable state. For now here's my Instagram
  23. I don't think we have the intellect or patience for this game.
  24. until the giant goblin appeared.
  25. Since the chat was derailed a little bit, let's start again.
  26. Baxterious

    Lie to me.

    #3 because if that's the truth you're trying to flex on random internet strangers which is weird. #1 I am a teacher. #2 I am a vegan. #3 I am under the age of 25.
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