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  2. Vlad

    IP Block?

    The Oath Team plans any type of block for other regions besides NA/EU?
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  4. I came to know this project through my cousin A Haseen. I have watch the videos and it looks promising. I am a 3d animator with professional experience of 2 years. however I have been doing animation since 2015. More to add that i also know graphics designing and focusing to develop my skills on character concept art. Some of my works are attached https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vvGSYXQr0k Google drive link for my Demo Reel https://drive.google.com/file/d/14egcymMcetYpd7WWhKEnGMr2kcFI2kDx/view?usp=sharing Thank you
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  6. Fatality

    Music Channel

    this one is really underrated , great piece
  7. Fatality

    Music Channel

    copy youtube url and paste in here
  8. Thanks for the answer and for trying to reproduce. I am using a HTC 10 with a 5.2 inch display
  9. mekkew

    Music Channel

    Just out of curiosity how do you post these? I'm not very tech savvy...
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  11. Cannot reproduce on my One Plus 5T. However, simulating phones on the browser (by resizing the windows to see what will happen), i can confirm that on the smaller sizes the menu will be on the buttom of the account information. Knowing this, i am sure your phone's screen size is a tiny bit smaller for the site to fully function. Mind telling your phone model etc?
  12. Se podria jugar en sa? ya veo que pago y tiene ip block jajaja
  13. CitadelG

    Mage Hopes?

    I actually agree with you on that one buddy.
  14. This is not known yet as the game is still in development. All we know so far is that the first Alpha phase is set for Q4 this year (2019 december).
  15. Lol. Changing the game completely from what was sold on the Kickstarter would be a bad move for sure This is coming from someone who likes open world PvP games. The fact of the matter is, that isn’t what Oath is. You should check out fractured though, I think it’s more in line with what you’re looking for
  16. Game isn't even in alpha 1 yet, it'd probably be in their best interest to test more than just one prematurely established system.
  17. I didn’t read the whole thread, but it’s already been stated that there will not be entire open world PvP. And that’s pretty well established and I don’t think it’ll change. Guilds that are at war may see open world PvP, who knows
  18. 1. Open PvP. 2. Place OP guards in Cities that will nearly insta kill anyone that tries to attack inside Cities (but allow guards to be killed as well if someone or a group of people is strong enough to do so) 3. If you constantly PK (player kill) you build up points (PK points) and your name changes colors depending on how much PKing you actually do. Starting from standard (white/green) and follows with orange - red - black. 4. A. While white named, there's no penalty to losing in PvP and you will earn X amount of PK point for killing another white named player. Also, if you engage another player your name will flash for a set amount of time which will allow you to be killed by anyone else that happens to be nearby with no PK points being given to them if you are to be killed (but only if your name is flashing which indicates you just attempted to hurt someone which eliminates sneak PvPing in crowded areas). B. While orange named, you can be freely attacked by a white named player and the white named player will not gain any PK points for doing so, If attacked by a red or black named player those players will earn PK points like normal. C. While red named, anyone can attack you freely as well as guards in cities will attack you on sight or if you approach their aggro range. Also, there's a small % chance of dropping gear if you are killed. D. While black named, anyone can attack you freely as well as guards in cities with an increased chance of losing multiple pieces of gear if not all of the gear you are currently wearing. E. PK points slowly degrade over time so nobody has to stay a target forever but will also add another layer of gameplay if you choose to live that life, Also, black and red named players could perform "Positive" tasks to decrease their PK points quicker because red and black named players would be targets for MUCH longer than an orange named player. F. Black named players are to be feared by nature, so to let them stand out you add an infamy board in the cities where everyone can see who's the most dangerous player in the area/world/etc. G. If a black named player at a certain PK point threshold is killed they are also sent to the "Jail" or "Mines" to mine resources to expedite their freedom. They do not keep the resources they are only used as payment for leaving the "jail/mines" earlier than waiting for their PK points to degrade normally. (Only the most egregious of players will ever be forced to spend time in here) H. Along with the infamy board, you also add a bounty board in each city where another player can place rewards for anyone that goes out and hunts down a specific red or black named player. You limit the amount of money or in game resources that can be placed on an individual based on infamy and PK points to prevent exploitation. Maybe I'm just old fashioned but MMO's use to be fun to play before they became too cookie cutter, This list is very early thoughts but I personally feel this would be a good way to make every type of player happy. This method allows PvE players to spot a potential enemy before conflict ensues because their name (due to word of mouth/bounty/infamy board OR name color) will stand out which also prevents random Ganks (in certain situations) This also prevents any AFK farming or exploitation via bots because you'll be able to attack that bot if necessary. This should also make PvPers happy because they can choose to live how they live while also increasing their own risk based on their own actions without feeling stifled by unnecessary locations that will eventually be ghost towns. I get it, it's 2019 but not everyone has to be soft. There's a reason why the MMO genre has died out over the years and adopting some classic rules that were ahead of their time isn't a bad thing at all.
  19. Fully agree, combat is a big focus here so don't stifle it with being too care bear friendly.
  20. Would just like to remind: PvP zones will not have inaccessible rewards to those who do not wish to go within. Rather, just easier to farm. Ex: respawn rate of 30 sec instead of 1 min Players that do not wish to pvp will not have to. Players that do not wish to pve will have to. This concept rewards players who are skilled at both PvE and PvP. Anyone who thinks players who are willing to take a risk, and excel at both PvP and PvE, have an 'unfair advantage' compared to someone who can only do 1/3 of those, is simply wrong.
  21. when will we be able to play without buying pledge
  22. Many of these things are just givens, I think. You should be able to trade anything as long as it could be used by another player and isn't exclusive to you. Class-restrictions are pointless, and level-restrictions are kind of pointless too (although that might be an interesting way of doing things, it would just suck from a quality-of-life perspective since you wouldn't be able to give your buddies higher level items or prepare for getting to that next level or whatever). I don't see Oath Token trading happening, it's a standard premium currency as far as I can tell. It could potentially have its uses in the economy (think Warframe) but I still think it should be focused as much on the earn-able currency as possible. In my experience, trading via plat in Warframe is really annoying because it means the currency becomes a target for illicit buying/selling/exploiting 😎😎😎 If the devs want the premium currency to be earnable somehow, I don't think it should come from or be possible by trading for that reason, and instead should be completely controlled by them. Depends on where the devs want to go with direction of the game. "Realistic" or convenient. I'd be fine with in-person trading only since it would make things feel a little more grounded, at least as long as it's not a pain to get to them. Might be a good measure for security purposes so you don't get scammed 😈 by some rando you don't trust, although most players would bypass this by just saying 'add me' and it's still a pretty weak layer of security anyway. Don't see much of a point limiting it and clogging up people's friend lists with one-off trades.
  23. The rest of this argument is down to personal opinion honestly but this statement is just not true. For the game to have an "Advanced Continent Wars & Monarchy" system, there is no way in hell its a PvE game.
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